Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Week, and when I say Busy, I mean B*U*S*Y! - March 24, 2014

Hey hey everybody:

A lot has happened this week!! We have had quite a work load! I will explain why a little later :) But it has been great! We met our goal of 25 lessons!! I know it is not all about numbers and the work load definitely depends on the area you are in, but it sure does feel good knowing we are working hard and you can really see that through our numbers :)

So like I said, this week has been super stressful! It has been GREAT but very overwhelming. I have had a permanent headache for the last 5 days... My neck and back feel broken. I am so exhausted and have been having a hard time sleeping... I have been surviving on excedrin and advil and I think I might buy some sleeping pills today because I am just so tired and need help sleeping. The reason it has been stressful is because on Wednesday night, we got a phone call from the Elders in our ward telling us they are being ETed out and that we were going to be the only missionaries in the ward for at least the next 6 weeks and that we had to take their entire work load on top of our own... I don't know the specifics of why the Elders had to go. They didn't even know where they were going to be transferred to and I still haven't heard where they have ended up. So now our work load doubled!! We went from having 3 progressing investigators to 6 and a total of 12 investigators in all. And then a million other less actives to visit. And we are not complaining a bit -All of this is GREAT!!!! It has been a challenge managing the work load, figuring out schedules and the needs of everyone. But I think, for the most part, we got the hard stuff out of the way. We were able to meet most of the people they were working with this week, so that was great :)

Tuesday: We got our truck taken away :( It was a major bummer! I miss our truck! We had a Nissan Frontier and I loved it! I can really see myself driving one of those when I come home. haha! I never thought I would be a truck person, but I am converted. So we we are on foot. The Elders let us borrow their truck a little that day though. It was just a typical day. We taught English and then had some great visits :)

Wednesday: We had to walk all day... My feet were killing by the end! It made the work a little bit slower cause we had to schedule time in between appointments so we could walk everywhere. Our dinner appointment canceled on us that day too, which was a bummer because we didn't bring any food with us and Brush is 9 miles outside of Ft. Morgan so we couldn't walk home... But that night we took the Elder's truck home and then we got the phone call from them saying they were both being taken out and leaving... We were super shocked! Sorry I am skipping around a bit - I am trying to give you all the details but just realized I put some Wednesday in my Monday :) hehe!!

Thursday: We had Zone Meeting in Greeley. It was great! I love zone meetings so much! They are inspiring and it is great being taught and spiritually lifted and motivated by your peers. We said goodbye to the Elders in Fort Morgan. This was sad. I really liked them. So now we are even more banished! Because now we are the only missionaries within an hour! But good news, we have a truck again!! It isn't the Nissan... :( But it will do little pig, it will do :) haha!!

Friday: A Pastor that volunteers with us at Caring Ministries (a place where they give food and clothing for homeless people and those who struggle a lot financially) asked Ally and I to have dinner with him and his family. His name is Aric. We have become good friends with him and always have good conversations with him about religion. So we went to his home for dinner. I am not sure what church he belongs to... I want to say he is the pastor of a Lutheran church... His family was so nice and welcoming to us! I was a little nervous that maybe he would have us over for a little bit of a bible bashing, but not the case! We had a great time :) 

After we had an appointment with one of the Elder's investigators named Troy. We have been working with his girlfriend. She is a less active member. They live together and have 2 kids. It has been the wards goal to get the 2 of them married. But they won't do it because it costs too much money... They were going to do it this spring with their tax refund, but they blew it on new phones, a trip to Greeley, and getting nails done... I just want to say, "Why do you have to have those things right now!? Get married!! But obviously I can't.... ha! I didn't feel our visit was very affective. They didn’t appear motivated. They don't feel it is important to go to church, get married, or live by the word of wisdom as long as they are being good people. We were kinda frustrated after we left. But then we got a text from Kylie (Troy's gfriend) and she said that Troy wanted to have us over for lunch the next day and that they decided they want to get married in the next 6 weeks so we can both be here! WHAT!?!? I should have kept the faith - haha! I guess we did have an impact on them! We were so happy after hearing the news :)

Saturday: We went back to see Kylie and Troy for lunch. We got them to commit to being married on April 26th!! :) I know the people at church will help with the wedding and we will have the bishop marry them. The ward is happy to get the details ready and prepared! So we were really excited they said they were going to do it!  We had 6 other lessons this day, making it a total of 7 in one day!! We beat our record :) We met with a less active family, and they ended up coming to church on Sunday! yippee!! And then we met with one of the Elder's investigators, her name is Jo. She is very interesting... She lives in Log Lane Village (which is literally just a giant trailer park that decided to make itself it's own town...) We went the day before to tell her the Elders were gone and to set up an appointment with her for the next day. When we got there she had a razor in her hand and she had just buzzed her head :) She said we could come back on Saturday, so we did :) We will need to work with her on some word of wisdom issues. She had a Book of Mormon on the coffee table a long with stuff to roll her own cigarettes... oh boy! So we will hopefully be teaching the stop smoking program to her too! Her friend David was there. They are both recovering alcoholics. They have such great faith!! They talk a lot and are kind of intense, but I have a lot of hope for the both of them and I am excited to teach them :) We had several other great lessons after, one of which included teaching the Plan of Salvation with our new Spanish investigator :) It was simply a fab day!

Sunday: We taught Gospel Principles and had a great time at church :) We decided to go and visit Patty Schoke, (Roxy's sister) after church. And guess who was there? Roxy! It worked out perfectly!! We had such an amazing visit with them! I love the 2 of them so much! I have gotten really close with them! Ally and I had the thought that they should come to our weddings after our missions and we got so excited!! Haha!! We found out Patty is getting divorced... :( I feel so bad for her! This is her 2nd divorce. It sounds like she has had a very similar experience as Jean has... Pray for her please! And pray for Roxy that she will have the strength to quit smoking!

A little later that night we had a lesson with one of our new investigators, Ferny. We taught him the restoration and it went really well! He seems golden! I am really excited to spend more time with him and teach him! He said he would be baptized when he comes to know it is true :) We are hoping he comes to church on Sunday! He is the uncle to one of our less actives. We are teaching his nephews wife at the moment as well. They have 4 kids together. They are in their 30's and are not married either! This is a recurring problem for us - I remember you saying it was on your mission too, Mom. His wife, Jennifer, wants to get baptized so bad! So please pray for them, that either Cruz will marry her or she will be given the strength figure things out. It is a really sad situation and I am seeing this a lot out here. She needs all the prayers and support she can get!

I am tired, really tired! But it is a good tired! Knowing I am giving everything I can. This is a wonderful work to be doing! Something I want to be better at when I go home. There is such peace and happiness when we are serving the Lord and those around us and bringing them to the fullness of the gospel. I am so excited for you Lennon!! Being a missionary will bless your life so much, not to mention all of those you will teach. I encourage all of you to make it a point to do missionary work at home!

I love you all so so much!!!! I am praying for you :) Have the best week ever!!!!

Hannah :)

I ONLY TOOK THREE PICTURES THIS WEEK - sorry!! Just of us and our Elders :( SAD!!!

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