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Baltimore, Maryland!! Spanish speaking!! I could not be happier :) - February 10, 2014

Familia Mia :)

I am just soooooo happy about Lennon's mission call! It is absolutely perfect!! When I read "Baltimore, Maryland", i was so filled with the spirit and just KNEW that is where she is supposed to go! And I am so happy it is spanish speaking!! Best language ever!!! :D You are going to be an amazing missionary!!!

It has been a great week! I love being companions with Ally!!! We are having a lot of fun together!! I will admit though, being with someone that reminds you of home can be tough. It makes me homesick. We both feel it. But, we are keeping ourselves so busy and it keeps our mind off of all we are missing back home! Ha! This week we have planned 35 lessons!! It will be amazing and an all time record for me if we are able to get it! I hope we can, or at least close :)

So Fort Morgan... Wow! I am in the country in the middle of no where... I miss being around PEOPLE!! We cover several towns since the towns are tiny. We cover Wiggens, which literally has more cows than people, Fort Morgan which has about 12,000 people and Brush (where i live) which is about 5,000 people. I am not used to living like this, but I am so grateful I have Ally with me!! I can survive because of her!! :) And, there is so much work here!! So we are keeping ourselves busy which is great.

The second night here, we had dinner with a German lady. She is soooo funny!!! She talks for ever and has a thick accent! Her food is amazing, but she feeds us so much!!!! She stuffs us!! Course after course! And then sooo many left overs! 4 grocery bags full!! haha!

Also, guess what? There are some Mangum's in the ward! They are less-active and I haven't met them yet, but I am going to try and see them in the next couple weeks. Maybe the fact that we are probably related will get them to come :)

There have def. been some miracles this week! For starters, we had district meeting on Thursday. And before we all went to McDonalds for lunch. While we were there, one of the Elders started talking to this man and gave him a Book of Mormon and the address to the church for sunday. Well the next day we all went out to eat at Wendy's (wow, i sound fat and ridiculous - never thought missionaries did this... a member gave us coupons...) and he was there!! What are the odds?!? He was SHOCKED when he saw all of us! Then on Sunday, about a half hour after sacrament started, he walked in and stayed for all 3 hours! Amazing! The Elders are going to be teaching him. It was pretty cool!

Another miracle... We went and visited a less active family this week. They haven't been to church in a long time, and they came!!! And one of our investigators came too! His name is Simon Peter. If that doesn’t indicate something, I don’t know what will! It was the first time I had met him. He is cool! I hope we can get a lesson with him this week. He believes in everything about the church, including the restoration! The only thing he has a hang up about is the wording of the baptismal prayer. That is literally his only hang up... He feels like it should only say Jesus Christ's name. And he is pretty adamant about it. So hopefully we can resolve this problem, because when we do, he will get baptized! Pray for us!

We also got a referral this week for a lady named Juana. Her husband is in jail, she has 3 little boys, and she has no money. She let us in immediately and started crying and telling us everything. Her TV was on and her boys were running around showing us all of there toys and she was crying and speaking spanish. So it was sooooo hard to understand!! I wish I could have spent more time in the Branch so I could have been immersed in spanish and picked it up faster. Oh, well. I am trying hard! I am already way better than I was before :) But I want to be fluent! I know it will come :)

Ally and I have a goal of finishing the Book of Mormon in Spanish together this transfer! We have to read 18 pages a day! I am so excited! I think we can do it!!
During my personal study this morning I was reading in D&C 75 and it talks about when you are a faithful missionary you will be blessed and will be able to overcome the challenges.  I have seen how the Lord is blessing our family. This gave me extra strength this morning because I was missing you all terribly! But I know you are being blessed!!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah :)

#1 Elder Welch gave ally and me messages in a bottle
#2 me, ally and sis. jarvis!
#3 me and ally in our brand new TRUCK headed to fort morgan :)
#4,5 and 6 Ally and I absolutely freezing in front of coolest train ever!

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