Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I hang out at a beef plant :) - February 24, 2014

Hello Everybody :)

We had 20 lessons this week!! Wahoo!! It was an all time high for me :) My highest before was 19!! It felt sooooooo good!!

This week just started off great. I was feeling really good about everything and happy about Fort Morgan. We wore our Somali dresses to Cargill (the beef plant) to teach our English class and the ladies were so excited that we were wearing dresses from their store! But a lot of the Americans were trying to decided if it was appropriate or not... What? Sister Penn told us she thinks it is great and that we are literally helping bridge the gaps between the 2 cultures. Also, there is an infestation of bed bugs here in Brush... they are in the library... so Sister Penn said we could come email at Cargill. Therefore, I am emailing you from a beef plant today. Haha! Everyone is blaming everyone else for the bed bugs. It is really hard for me to listen to people blame another culture for bed bugs!! But all of them are participating in the fight. Ugh!!  Fort Morgan is sooooo poor. They serve breakfast in the public schools because parents literally can't even afford to feed their children. The poverty level here is really sad. So with that all sad, I am grateful to have met these people and for them teaching me how to be more humble, and more grateful. Mom, your letter came at a PERFECT time!!! Everything was building up and I was getting really sad about all that I was seeing and then I got your inspired letter!! With wonderful advice!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

This week we also had district meeting in Greeley. We got there a little early and decided to stop in and see Hna. Leos!! I LOVE HER! We went up to her door and she opened up and was completely shocked!!! Soooo happy :) She had just made some flan (which is straight from heaven) and fed us. It was wonderful!!!!! It was also fun to see some of the other missionaries at the DM.

We also had a ward pot luck on friday. The boy scouts put it on. It was fun. The whole time they played 3 songs over and over for the background music! They were: We Are The Champions- Queen, Roar-Katy Perry, and a song I have never heard before which was really weird and annoying... I liked Roar, but everything else got annoying really fast! haha!!

On Saturday, we called our dinner appointment to confirm and the family said they never signed up to feed us and that they were going out of town... so we were dinner less... But we got a phone call from Sister Korf in the ward and she said she was making shrimp tacos and wanted to know if we wanted to come for dinner. Holy divine inspiration, Sister Korf !! She loves us! She is in her 40's but looks like she's in her 30's and is a body builder! haha! We went over and it was delish!! Her son Rayven (he is 12) told us that if we ever need dinner to call his mom! haha!! It is really cute! Sister Korf loved our Somali outfits and so we are going to go today and take her there! I am excited to get them more business :)

Best news of the week....

Simon, our amazing investigator came to church :) He is probably in his late 20's early 30's. He is from Brazil but has lived everywhere! Portugal, France, Senegal, and a million other places. A member in our ward, the Wolff's invited him to our dinner appointment that night. He came!! It was awesome!!!! He had a great time! And we had an awesome lesson about faith! I am excited to meet with him again this week :) We are going to try and set him up with a baptism date!!

Well, I think that is about it for this week! I love you all so much!!!! I hope you are doing great!! Even though I have been feeling a little homesick and stuff, I know this is where I am supposed to be. On a mission!! I know that this brings blessings and I feel them. I am grateful to be comps with Ally!!!!! I love her so much. We work so well together :)


con amor,
Hannah :)


#1 A visit with Hermana Leos
#2, 3 We made the cupcakes Dad sent me
#4 Cargill - THE BEEF PLANT - in my Somalian outfit
#5 Your letter and package
#6 Holy crochet, Mom I thought you would enjoy this!!

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