Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Saint Patricks Day - March 17, 2014


This week has been really good!! :)

Monday: We had dinner with Roxy and her sister Patty :) It went sooooooo well!!! Man, every time we meet with Roxy the spirit is so strong!! It was so much fun and we shared a quote about the atonement. IT is amazing. It is by Cheiko Okazaki (idk if i spelled her name right) Ally showed it to me and it is amazing! It talks about how we all experience sin and pain and sorrow individually and how the only person who totally gets it is Christ. Then she gives a list of examples of things people go through, like loosing a mom to cancer, drug and alcoholism, pregnancy, rape, things that happen to your children. It is amazing! And super powerful! You should try and look it up and find it!

Tuesday: Zone Conference! It was in Fort Collins. We had to wake up at 5am... and leave at 5:55... Ft. Collins is only 2 hours from us, but our zone leaders asked us all be there super early! We were an hour and 15 mins early... Oh well. The zone conference was great! I love zone conferences! It is great to see all the missionaries united in 1 purpose and come together and be taught and instructed on how we can be better. There were wonderful talks shared about using our tools (i.e. scriptures, prayer, companions,, etc.) the power of repentance and how your mission should change you spiritually for the better. It was my favorite zone conference so far on my mission :)

Wednesday: We had a lesson with our investigator Simon. Oh boy... He would be golden if he didn't have this hang up over wording of the baptismal prayer. He has investigated over 100 churches and finally found ours :) Ha! He is very well versed in the scriptures and knows his stuff! He knows that there has to have been a restoration and everything. He really believes everything about the gospel! But... he thinks the wording of the baptismal prayer should say in the name of the lord jesus christ and not in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost. We showed him 3 different scriptures about the wording of the prayer in the bible, bom, and d&c. Still didn't work... It was an emotionally exhausting lesson... but the next day I found a scripture in 3 Nephi 11:23-26 ... that says to be baptized in Jesus' name you do it in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost. Hopefully he will respond well to that scripture!

Thursday: We had an appointment with Roxy again! It went sooooo well!! We watched the Restoration with her and she was crying. The spirit again was SO strong! She is opening up to us more and more and she loves us so much! And I love her! She is going to be one of my miracles on my mission! After that we went and had a picnic in the bed of our truck in a park because the weather was so nice!! :) It was great! Then we went to teach English at Cargill and someone made us shrimp soup there and it made Ally sick. So we left early... And yet we had another appointment, a lady in our ward is the principal of the school in Wiggins and asked us to come and translate parent teacher conferences for the teachers. So we did that. IT was pretty fun!! A great day!

Friday: Ally was sick all day. But we had an appointment with Brittany, our new investigator :) So Ally was a trooper and we were able to go and teach her. We taught her the first lesson and it went great! After she asked us when she can be baptized!!! WHAT!? We were so happy! She is turing 16 this week, so she has to get permission from her parents, and from what we know, they seem ok with it. We are going to set her with a date this week! I am so happy!!! I had 3 baptisms already, but I basically inherited them. Ha! But I totally count them, because I have built up such a relationship with all 3 of them since then! BUT this is the first one that is going to be from the beginning to the end! And this will be Ally's first baptism too! We are so excited that we get to be together for it! Please pray for Brittany that her parents will be ok with her getting baptized and that it will happen in the next few weeks! :)
Sunday: We got a new investigator! It was really cool! A man in our ward, spanish speaking, called us on Saturday and said he was going to bring a friend to church with him and to make sure we had translating equipment. So we got that all taken care of on Sunday morning and ready. The friend came, and his name is Melvin. He really enjoyed sacrament meeting and asked us to teach him the 1st discussion in the second hour. So we did! And he loved it and wants to learn more! So we are going to set up and appointment with him for hopefully this week! We finally have a spanish investigator :)
Then we taught Relief Society. It went really well! We taught about the Sacrament :)
After church we went to visit some people and one of the people totally bailed on us. We saw her drive past her home avoiding us...haha - oh well. SO we decided to go and visit a kind of/ sort of investigator. Ha! Her name is Sharon and the lesson went super well! She is hilarious! And just says things how they are. She is great and told us to keep coming back :)

So, all in all it was a wonderful week! We have some great things planned for the upcoming week! I am excited! But we just found out they are taking our truck away today... NO!!! So, hopefully we are still able to do everything we have planned! I am really happy I am staying in Ft. Morgan! This smelly little town is really growing on me!! I am really loving it here! I think it helps that we are seeing so many miracles and staying super busy!! The ward was SO happy to find out we were both staying! They really love us which feels so good :)

I love you all so so much!!! Have the best week ever!!


Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmana Hannah Mangum :)

1. Our cupcakes worked! We are staying together!!!
2. Haha - timer went off and I didn't make it back to the truck
3. Chilin on a beautiful day with a little picnic and our truck
4. We think we are so cool - haha!
5. Colorado sunsets - there is nothing like them :)
6. I am turning country - whoo too!!
7. P-day activities with the Elders!!

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