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Sister's Conference was A M A Z I N G!! - March 3, 2104

Familia Mia:

We had our first-ever Sister's Conference in our mission!! It was so wonderful! We met in Loveland and all 65 of the sister missionaries were there :) It was SO MUCH fun seeing everyone! I love the sisters in this mission! They will forever be some of my dearest friends and a part of my life! The talks were great!!! The wives of all of the mission presidency spoke. It was wonderful. They showed us a video called "Courage" about Esther and three other women. It was amazing and powerful! You guys should watch it!

This week a family in our ward who had signed up for dinner had to cancel on us so they gave us a gift card to a Mexican restaurant. We were really excited :) While we were there, another member of our ward came in to pick up some food to go. He saw us and paid for our meal! How sweet!!! There are so many great people out there! I am so grateful :)

We got a text this week from one of our investigators, Simon. I believe I have told you about him. We asked him if he was going to be able to make it to church this week. And he send back this text that said, "By God's grace, I will be at church."  I love it!  And then he didn't end up coming. He tore something in his hip the day before... :(  He is doing well and we love knowing that we can be a support system to him. He is just so nice and we really love working with him. BUT we did have another investigator at church who has been avoiding us the last couple of weeks! And we were able to set up an appointment with her for this week :) And we had 2 potential investigators at church too! So great!! We were really happy :)

I think the ward is really getting involved with us as missionaries and we are so happy. The bishop asked us to both speak in sacrament meeting this next week, we were also asked yesterday to teach for the next 8 weeks in Gospel Principles, and to teach Relief Society in 2 weeks. We have so much to do! They didn;t ask the Elders to do anything but we asked if we could switch off every other week for the Gospel Principles class with the Elders and they agreed. We just wouldn't have had time to prepare a lesson every week on top of all of the other lessons we teach, service projects, sacrament talks, etc. I am grateful for the opportunity to dig in hard and study and prepare for all of these assignments.

Last night we went and visited Grandma Nichols :) She is sister Penn's mom. She is 93 and from Germany and is just a crack up! She talks so loud with this thick german accent. She lives on a farm and when we walked into her house there was a baby calf that had just been born that day in her garage! It was sooooo cute! It was so weak and kinda sick, that is why it was sleeping in the garage. As we were leaving, Grandma Nichols (who always has chocolates) asked us if we wanted a bag of "kitty-kats" haha! I took us a minute to figure out she mean Kit Kat bars :) So cute!!

We also had the opportunity to teach a lot of English at Cargill again this week. I am literally in love with the Somali people in our classes. We spend a 3 1/2 hours teaching both Tuesday and Thursday. I absolutely love it. George, who works there was very busy, so we took care of his classes for him. 

I have been thinking a lot this week that I want to challenge you guys to have the missionaries over more! Get to know them! Feed them dinner! It means soooo much to us! I wish our family did that more back home! So please pay it forward and feed the missionaries serving in our stake! Ok!? Great!!!I hope you are all doing well!! I love and miss you!!

con mucho amor,

Hannah :)

#1 - 4 SISTER'S CONFERENCE in Loveland! I love love love these missionaries! Sister Smith cut out a picture of my face and stuck it on her calendar because she was excited to see me on that day - ahhhhh :)
#5 I loved Simon Peter's text - such a great investigator!
#6 -7 Newborn calf in the Garage at Grandma Nichols :)
#8 - 10 Fort Collins temple site on a REALLY windy day!!

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