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Little Somalia in Fort Morgan - February 18, 2014

Hola -

I am so glad to hear you are all doing so well! For some reason this week I had a feeling like something had happened and I was worried, so I was very relieved to know you are all doing great!

On Monday night we had an appointment with a less active sister named Hilda. She is wonderful! She has been through so much! She is getting a divorce. She has had cancer. She works as a hotel maid. She is struggling! She is so strong and amazing and unfortunately has to work on sundays and can't make it to church but LOVES when we come and visit and loves that she can speak to us in Spanish :) While we were there though, I had a major allergic reaction to her cat... My eyes swelled up and were huge and super itchy!! We went back again last night and again my eyes swelled up! I have been around other cats this week though and haven't had a reaction... But there is something about this little kitty cat that my body doesn't like! haha! I am going to have to keep benedryl on me every time we go to visit her!

This week one of our new investigator’s husband got out of jail and we were strongly advised to not go and visit until he goes back. He is out on bail. So we can't visit her anymore... :( That is something that I have come to see and realize on my mission - How common abuse is in marriages. It breaks my heart! Soooo sad! I just want to help these women and tell them to be strong! But, as a missionary, I can't offer that advice and it is hard for both Ally and me. This is common problem in the our area.

We are also teaching an excommunicated member. She and her husband want to prepare to go to the temple. And so she needs to be re-baptized. She struggles with smoking. So we are going to start doing the “stop smoking” program with her! This is going to be my first time teaching it, but I am really excited for her! She is great! We had a lesson with her last week that went really well :) I look forward to our visits with her this week :)

Some other good news... Mirtha (from my last area - that came up to Hna. Soto and I and asked if we could teach her because she wants to get baptized) was baptized on Saturday! I am so happy for her and wish I could have taught her more.

There are NOT a lot of projects for our “Just Serve” program in Fort Morgan. But we do one that I love! We teach English to people! We go to the Beef Plant, which is literally a factory where they kill beautiful cows... yikes! And we teach the workers there. There are a TON of people from Somalia! Which is super random to me. There are a lot of people from every where in Africa, mostly Somalia, and then a lot of Hispanics as well. I really love it! It has got me thinking about maybe going somewhere when I get home to teach English for a summer or something!

This week was kinda rough. We didn't get our 35 lessons... It seemed like everyone and their dogs were canceling on us :( And then to top it off... we both got sick. GR!! Satan always gets ya when you are trying to do  your best! But it is ok, we are bouncing back from that and are feeling much better now and we started the week off with a bang! We got 4 lessons on a Pday! That just doesn't happen! So we are really excited and feel like this week will be the week we get 30 lessons! Please keep praying for us that we will be able to do so :)

We went and got some soup and a deli in Brush on Friday when we were not feeling too good. And the man who owned the restaurant was super nice and gave us discounts.  And the soup he gave us was literally Progresso soup... haha! He then talked to us FOREVER about religion. The man was crazy! I am sure Ally is telling the story in her email, so you will have to read it to get more info. But he basically doesn't believe in organized religion, thinks half of the New Testament shouldn't be scripture, baptizes people in the hot tub that is in his deli... and speaks in tongues. haha! He spoke in tongues to us! It was so crazy!!!! We would think we were getting somewhere with him about the church, but then he would say something crazy again! We gave him a Restoration pamphlet and are debating whether we should go back or not. Ha! It was a crazy experience! He kept us there for hours! Luckily we didn't have any scheduled appointments.

Yesterday, Ally and I went to a Somali store. (Because like I said, there are a ton a Somalians here! Enough that they have their own store in this tiny tiny tiny tiny town. haha!) And we found the most BEAUTIFUL dresses and skirts! For $20! So we each bought one! I got a dress and Ally got a skirt! We are wearing them today and feel so cute! Haha! We will have to send out a pic of ourselves to you next week! Lennon- if  you want, I will buy you a skirt or dress from there! Everything is super long and modest and beautiful! Let me know :)

I love you guys soooooooooo much!!! I hope you are all doing well and having spiritual experiences by reading the Book of Mormon daily, by daily prayers in the morning AND night! By doing service for others and trying to live in the way you know our Father in Heaven wants us to. Nothing will bring you more joy than that. I know that, because I have been able to dedicate my time for the last almost 7 months doing that. And I have never felt so happy. The gospel is amazing!! I hope you all take advantage of the blessings we get from it and try to share it with others. I love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!! You are all in my prayers!


Hermana Hannah Mangum :)


#1 - Our truck,, yes Mom, we drive a truck!!
#2 - Happy girls, but I wish I could drive :(
#3 - My FAVORITE - Toberlone!!
#4 - Beef plant where we teach English :)
#5 - Valentines Day packages
#6 - We heart attacked Sister Penn
#7 - Valentines dinner at a members home, their daughters decorated for us! So sweeeeet :) We felt loved!!
#8 - We saw Hermana Hoer!!! love love love her

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