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30 Lessons - March 31, 2014

Hola Familia Mia :)

Well, we did it! It wasn't easy!!! But we got 30 lessons for the week!!! Never ever ever have I ever gotten that many lessons!! It was a challenge! We def. had some hiccups, but we were able to do it! We had to get 7 lessons on Sunday to get our goal, and we some how managed to do it! Our district (which consists of 3 sets of missionaries) got 64 lessons all together! That is fantastic!! I am so happy to see the work progressing! Now that we reached 30 lessons in one week, we are not going to focus on reaching a certain number anymore. It felt really good! But numbers are not what is important. 


So, it was a great week! We had some great lessons and saw many miracles! For starters... We had an amazing lesson with Patty, Roxie and Chuck (Roxie's husband). Sister Penn came with us. We read Chapter 32 of Alma. It was AWESOME!!!!!! They got so into it! The spirit was so strong! And then after, we re-committed Roxie to quit smoking. I gave her the black pepper oil (thanks mom and Sister Cox!) She was really excited about it! Sis. Penn brought her doTERRA book and she had a blast looking though it! So thank you thank you! Also, we told them how we like to go to McDonald's and get a coke from there for a dollar every other day or so. So they went and bought us a $20 McDonalds gift card! How sweet! But now I decided to not drink anymore soda... I want to quit and tell Roxie I am giving up my coca-cola to give her that added strength to quit smoking. So now we will use the gift card for ice cream! haha! :)

We also had 2 wonderful lessons with Jo and David! The Bishop and our WML came with us for one of the lessons to give Jo a blessing. It was great! The Bishop is super forward and does not beat around the bush. He told them he wants to see them baptized. David was super on board, but Jo was a little more hesitant. That was on Wednesday. On Saturday we went and saw them again and Jo told us that she has been thinking a lot about it and she had been praying for 6 months to find the truth and then the missionaries knocked on her door. She said she knows that was a sign and that she needed to act on it. She was talking to Ally and they were talking about something and Jo was like, "Oh that is kind of like what I was reading yesterday in the Book of Mormon in Jacob." And then she whipped out the scripture and showed it to us! How cool!! She is applying the scriptures in her life! We are hoping to set her and David up with a bap date this week. 

We went and visited Grandma Nichols this week too. During our message i looked down and there was a HUGE spider crawling on my scriptures!! Of course I freaked. Ha! I threw my scriptures on the ground! haha! Gma Nichols has bad vision but she saw me do that... haha! It was really funny. She is so sweet!!! I love her :)

We had a very very interesting dinner this week... with the Mangum's in the ward... Oh man. They honestly break my heart! They have nothing!! They live in the tiniest and oldest RV ever! They have it parked behind his brother's house, which is completely falling apart too, and then they have wood piled EVERYWHERE! We go inside their RV and it so tight! Sis. Mangum (who doesn't even say our name the way we do ... she literally says man-gum) was cooking... she made a pork roast, potato salad, corn bread pancakes, and green beans. I appreciated all their efforts!  

Women's Conference was just incredible on Saturday!!  I loved all of the talks a lot! So uplifting and inspiring! The videos too were just amazing! I had teary eyes :) I loved Elder Eyring's talk! I really loved all of it! I really liked it when he said, "Heavenly Father sees you not as you are, but what you can become." How amazing is that!! And comforting! We all make mistakes and sin. And that is the wonderful part of the atonement and repentance. Knowing we can be forgiven. Knowing that our loving Father in Heaven is aware of the person we are and can be. That brought me a lot of comfort. I also loved the quote that Sister Oscarson shared from Margerie Hinckley. I was wondering if you could send me a copy please? :) 

And great news! Kylie and Troy have re-committed to the wedding! We had the Bishop come over with us to their house yesterday and meet with them and figure things out. Like I said, the Bishop is bold, which is exactly what we needed! They committed to it! April 26th! And we are going to have Troy baptized right after the ceremony!!! How exciting!! I am so happy! Please keep them in your prayers! Please pray to help them to stick with it and not wait any longer!! 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! I can feel them!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Things are just going so well!!! I am so happy!! Serving a mission is the greatest! The love you feel for others is incredible! And when you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of your God. It is so true! I feel his love for those I teach, and the love He has for me and our family. 

I love you all so much!!!! Have the best week ever!!!


Hermanita Hannah :)


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