Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 4 in FOCO - May 27, 2014

DIANE SPEAKING, BEFORE I POST HANNAH'S LETTER, HERE ARE SOME PICTURES OF MELVIN'S BAPTISM FROM ALLY/HERMANA MEHNER (this is their investigator from Hannah's last area in Fort Morgan) Whooo hooo - what a great guy!! Also pictured is his friend, Pablo, who invited him to church and introduced him to the missionaries!! "Every member a missionary"!!

Hola Family of Mine:

It has been a good week! We started it off right with an AWESOME Pday with Niki! :) Oh I just love her so much! She made us delicious paninis with tomato, basil, bacon and mozzarella!!! and then you grill it in the bacon grease! holy holy holy! They are fantastic!!!! The we got to ride on her cool Schwinn cruisers her husband has fixed up! Literally everyone rides bikes in Colorado - it is awesome! And we put on these mustaches and rode around town! It was so fun! We got a lot of comments! Niki took us to some really cute boutiques and shops in Old Town and then we rode back and played life-size jenga with her and Mike! Oh it was fun!!!! 

We got to help out with a really cute service project this week. There was an elementary school doing a triathlon. It was so cute!!! So we helped out with writing numbers on everyone's arms and legs and getting kids on their bikes after swimming and cheering them on. It was darling! I want to try and put something like that together for my kids school in the future!

We also met with John yesterday. He just got back from being out of town. He said he wasn't feeling ready to be baptized this weekend on the 31st... Disappointing to hear, but I actually do think it is still a possibility. Keep him in your prayers! We are meeting with him tomorrow and hopefully he has changed his mind. If not we will probably shoot for June 7th. I appreciate all of your prayers for him this last week! Keep them coming :)

Yesterday's Pday was the BEST!!! (We know how to celebrate MEMORIAL DAY!!!) Thanks mama for funding the Tandem bike :) It was so fun!! We rode all around! We had a picnic in the park :) Black bean hummus with pita chips, blueberries and peaches :) YUM! and then after we went to Sister Rust's house and she rubbed oils on us and had us use this cool Japanese machine that is supposed to help relax you :) Started the week off right!! And we have wonderful plans for the rest of the week!! Our goal is to get 400 lessons as a zone! And our district decided we want to do 100 of them! That means we each need to get 25 lessons! It will be hard, but I am ready for the challenge! 

So other than having a blast, we've been working HARD! We got together with the stake president and went through the ward directory marking all the names that sounded remotely Spanish. Our mission this week: to contact all the names and recruit them into attending the group. Michelle Parry came with us to help out. She learned Spanish in college and bends over backward to get this group going. She literally fasts EVERY Sunday for the group. She teaches zumba for free every Saturday in the church building. She goes to the temple often. She is heaven sent. President Foster couldn't have come in at a better time as the Spanish program is struggling. He travels to Honduras often and performs 100's of cataract surgeries for people who can't afford them. He also trains surgeons over there. He has a huge place in his heart for Hispanic people. I just love him. He feels quite impressed that something big can happen if we all come together and use our strengths. He is the missing piece and exactly what this area needs to grow. 

As you can tell, things are going great here :) I miss and love you guys!! Lennon... 22 more days!!!! Wahoo!! So happy for you! Missions are the greatest!!!!!! 

Have a great week!!! Summer time :) 


Hannah :)

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