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Happy CINCO DE MAYO - May 5, 2014

Hola mis Queridos :) 

FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO :) Like my Sombrero??

Well, to start off let me say how much I love Fort Collins!!! The vibe of this city is refreshing! It actually reminds me a lot of home! Mountains! Oh how I have missed the mountains! And trees everywhere! A really cool oldtown/downtown. We have seen this guy on the bike a few times around town. Sooo cool! So I am really enjoying and appreciating my time here :) And being back with Hermana Smith has been a blast!! 

So some funny stuff...

Hna. Smith and I bought roller-blades  haha! We are starting a blade gang. ha! They are super ghetto, we bought them at a thrift store. But we spray painted them and they are legit!!! So part of our morning work outs now include rollerblading :) We are pretty excited about it :)

Another funny story of the week. Hna. Smith and I got to our dinner appointment on Friday and we were getting something out of the trunk of our car to use for our lesson and we shut the keys in the trunk... and couldn't get it open! You have to have the keys in the ignition to pop the trunk... new cars... so we left our car unlocked for the appointment and then the family came out to try and help us when we were done. We stuck our hands in the back of the seats to try and push the lever in the trunk to lower the back seats but couldn't reach it or the keys... It was ridiculous. And embarrassing! haha!! And then Bro. Swensen was able to find this secret button in the glove department that will open the trunk. It was ridiculous! We were out there forever. But we finally got it! :)

Now sad news...

There is a man in our ward named Richard Cornwall who is a chemist. He was cleaning some beakers on CSU and one of the bottles was mis-labeled. When he washed it with water, it reacted and exploded. It was basically like a grenade went off in his hands. He lost a finger, has lacerations all over his chest and face, severe burn marks and also lost complete vision in his left eye AND can only see colors and shapes right now out of his right eye. They are hoping after a few more surgeries, the sight in his right eye will come back. Yesterday the ward did a fast for him and his family. And to top off the sad news, 2 years ago he was in the car with his wife and 2 young kids when they were hit and his wife died. He just got remarried a few months ago and has I think 3 new step daughters. He is either in he late 20's or early 30's and just signed a contract to be the chemist professor at BYU-Hawaii. I am not sure what will happen to his contract. Just a completely devastating story. Please Please Please keep him and his family in your prayers!!!!!

Ok, on a happier note. Let me tell ya about some of the miracles this week :) I met the Turners! Cory's parents!! They are really classy people and really really nice! 

We also went to go and contact a new investigator Hna. Smith found last week but he wasn't home. His brother was home and we asked if we could share a message with him. And he said yes! So we taught him outside of his home and taught him about the Restoration. He was super nice! And said he would be baptized if he came to know it was true! And that he and his brother have been wanting to get baptized. So exciting :) He sounds like he has had a troubled life. But is trying to get on the right track. His name is Joel and he is 19. We went back to see how he was doing later this week and he wanted another copy of the Book Of Mormon to give to a friend! And then asked what time church was and for the address. (He didn't come though...) But it was a really cool experience! 

Another cool thing - we were leaving an appointment with an investigator last night and walking to our car to go and visit a new potential investigator. We were going to see the aunt and uncle of one of our favorite people here, LUIS! And as we were getting into our car, Luis drove by! He said he tried to call us and tell us his aunt and uncle had to go to Denver and couldn't meet with us. He decided to take a different way home and had never gone home the way he went. But he ran into us!! So he said, “well, how about we go visit a different aunt and uncle?” So we followed him and met with them and we have a return appointment for Wednesday!! So cool to see the Lord intervene and take charge! I really do believe that we were supposed to see these other relative. And if they are not ready, then that experience was completely for Luis and to build his testimony!! It was a tender mercy for him - to see us there and for him to feel the spirit to tell us to visit his other family members. He used to be less-active only a few months ago, but Hna. Smith and her old comp worked with him and now he is gung-ho about the church! I guess he made a complete 180! He is working on mission papers right now :) 

So, Hermana Smith and I are wanting to do some new and creative fun activities. Tracking is just hard... so we want to do something different every week in Old Town! Like sing, or have a booth or something like that. We have 5 weeks left. So we need 5 ideas. So, think about it and let me know if you come up with some cool and fun missionary ideas we could do!! 

Last night we got some difficult news. President Brown has decided that we are no longer allowed to have Pdays as a zone or listen to any music other than hymns and we are not allowed to use our car on Pdays except to go to the grocery store and library. It is really frustrating. It feels bad to have priviledges taken away because other missionaries broke rules.  BUT with that said, I am grateful to be with a companion I like!!! And I am grateful for the NEARER CD. I am grateful to know that it wasn't by my disobedience that these rules had to change. I am upset that I have to be punished for others actions, but I am going to be obedient. And I know I will be blessed for it. This morning I read the talk, "Living a Life of Peace, Joy, and Purpose" by Elder Richard G. Scott. It is an amazing talk! And I recommend you read it this week! Elder Scott does a great job at explaining as we live a certain way, we will have peace and joy and purpose. And that we can be an example to others. These changes for Pdays are going to be tough, I won't lie. But I know that my attitude will be what affects me. I can still enjoy Pdays and still enjoy music if I let myself. And that is what I am going to do! Thank you for your examples to me of how being obedient brings blessings! I know it is true!

I love you all and I seriously can not wait to talk to you on SUNDAY!!!!!! Mom- HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! I love you all!!! 

Con Carino,
Hermana Hannita Mangum :)

Here are some more goodbye pics from Fort Morgan. I am really really really going to miss teaching ESL :(

1. Patty and Roxie
2-5. The ESL Gang :) I heart them!!!
6-7. Super windy goodbye!!

P.P.S. We may have to move in the next few weeks. So if you send me any letters or packages, send them to the mission office because I don't know how long I will be where I am.

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