Monday, May 12, 2014

TRANSFERRED - headed to Fort Collins (How can I leave Ally?) April 28, 2014

Hi Guys :)

So... I should start off with transfer info... I am being transferred :( Ally and I will no longer be comps :( The Hannah and Ally Show is being put on pause. I am going to Fort Collins to be companions with Hermana Smith again! I am really excited about that :) And Ally will be staying in Fort Morgan and training a brand new missionary who is a visa waiter.

This week has felt so long and weird. I am trying to remember everything that has happened... I feel like it was mostly Ally and I stressing out about transfers... ha! SO, lets see… I guess the rest of the time I have said good bye to everyone and started packing  Here are the some pics of the FORT MORGAN-ERS I AM SOOOO GOING TO MISS!

1. My district!
2. Troy, Kylie and their family!
3. Howe family :)
4. Hilda!
5. and her mamasita :)
6. Jo
7-8. Birch family, Birch family again being cute
9. The Judds!
10. Jennifer, Cruz and one of their daughters
11. All the present people gave me :)

We had lunch at the hospital with Sister Judd. She is the chef there and invited us over.  She introduced us to her friend who is now a potential investigator! His name is Josh and seems really cool! We taught the stop smoking program to Sister Korf's 17 year old son. It went really well!! 

The weather is not been nice the last few days... cold and rainy... I seriously don't know what else to tell you... I am trying to save the best part of my email for last... but i have no other fillers to tell you... so on to the good stuff!!! haha!!

RICHARD WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! So our wedding and baptism duo didn't happen... but Richard, my investigator with Sister Hoer and Smith, who we found on that awesome night on the street, (Richard, Sam, and Naomi) was baptized!!! And I got to go!! Oh!! It was beautiful!! And such a special feeling seeing an investigator that I found get baptized :) Richard was so cute and so happy!! I love him so much!! He looked so great in his white jump suit! But the best part was after he walked out of the font and changed and walked back in, he was in a white suit coat, with sunglasses on and a brief case with his big massive gold rings and looked like a straight up mobster! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! He is so funny!! He was so cute!! I will never forget the image of him walking back into the room :) Sam and his sister and Naomi and her husband all came and it was beautiful! They really enjoyed it and Naomi cried the whole time! I am so glad I got to go!! Such a blessing :)

So... funny story...

At Richard's baptism we got some info about transfers. I was told I needed to pack... And later that night (Saturday) at 8:00 we got our voicemail from the zone leaders with all of the transfer information. We had gone home a little early so I could start to pack bc my neck and head were killing me. So Sister Penn gave me some doterra icy hot and I rubbed it on my neck when the phone went off. I picked the phone up and we started to listen to what was going to happen and the phone slipped out of my hands because of the cream and fell on the floor and the battery went flying out under Sister Penn's refrigerator! We were freaking out!!!! haha! I sprawled on the floor trying to see if I could see it... I was laughing so hard that I was crying and I wiped my eyes, not realizing I still had the icy hot on my fingers and my eyes started BURNING!!! I ran to the sink and got a paper towel and Sister Penn grabbed some eye drops. It was crazy hilarious!! Haha!! My eyes calmed down, we managed to get the battery out from under the fridge and listened to the rest of transfer doctrine. To find out I was truly leaving :( Sister Penn says she is going to kidnap me and lock me up in her basement. Haha!! I am going to miss her! She is taking us out to lunch today and then we are having dinner with Patty and Roxie :) It is going to be a good last day here in Fort Morgan :) 

So, I forgot to tell you, but 2 weeks after you sent me the adorable polka-dot skirt, Tiff sent the same skirt to Ally! THE SAME EXACT SKIRT!! How funny is that!! So we took a picture of us being twiners and with our Glenbron shirts on too :)

And I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but I did!!, in our gospel principles lesson there was this picture in the manual and i thought i looks so much like Lennon when she was little!

And Mom - here is Hermana Hoer and her cool art! Check this out!! She wants to hang out with you after the mission and make masterpieces together!!!!!

I love you all!! Thank you for your emails and your support! I am excited for my new adventure and for the exciting change I have in store! I am so grateful for my time here in Fort Morgan. It may be tiny and smell like dead burning cow (in a good way), but it is a special place to me!! I love the people we have taught and I have loved loved loved being companions with Ally! It has been a great blessing! We have seen so many miracles together! 

Have a wonderful week family!!!!! 

Con Carino,

Hermana Hannita Mangum :)

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