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We talked and it was SUPER BUENO! - December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas Family!!!

Wow, well the highlight of my week was defintely getting to facetime you guys!!!! That seriously was the BEST ever!!!! I was flying on Cloud 9 for days :) It was such a wonderful blessing and tender mercy to be able to not only hear your voices, but to see your faces!!! Ah! It made me so happy :) And it was so great to be able to have watched everyone open their presents. I felt like I was really in the house with you guys :) I am so happy to know you guys are doing so well. You all look BEAUTIFUL!! I am so blessed to be apart of this wonderful family! After talking to you I was just flying. I was so happy and felt so pumped to work! I can hardly believe it has already been 6 months!! I only have a year left! That is crazy! The time really flies when you are having fun and doing the Lord's work. Lennon, I am so happy and excited for you to be a missionary!! Right after I talked to you, we went over to the Martinez's and I won't lie... I cried... we all cried actually. All 4 of us. It was weird because we were all really happy, but we just realized how much we miss our families. So I did cry for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then I went back to being on cloud 9! Haha!

So, as I told you we were able to watch movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :) It was so great! We had a lot of fun with the other missionaries and doing that! We watched Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 and MegaMind :) The members were so nice in inviting us over to watch the movies.

I have told you all about Christmas, but forgot to mention that the Kaisers took Hermana Jarvis and I and our companions out to lunch on Christmas Eve. It was the best!!! I LOVE THAT FAMILY!!!! And Brother Kaiser went and changed into a Santa suit and passed out candy canes to everyone in Panda Express. It was so cute! I want to be that happy and do things like that to make other people happy!

This week the Martinez family fed us every day except of saturday! They are such a wonderful family!! I love them so much! Their kids are all less active. (they are all in their 20's) and 3 out of the 4 are married. So we have been working with all of them and getting them active! Half of them came to church on Sunday :) I am really excited for you guys to meet this family! They are wonderful :)

We did more service at Restore this week, it is owned by Habitat For Humanity. It is where they sell furniture and stuff. Everyone who volunteers is there for some kind of parol or community service because they have been arrested or convicted of something. They would come up to us and ask, “so what did you do to get here?”, and we would say we are missionaries. And they were like, "oh, you good people. alright!" Haha! We got one of the guys there, Robby, to commit to come to church next week! I will let you know if he ends up coming or not. He seemed really interested. He was the one asking us info about the church and wanted to know what time and the address for the building. So I have hope he will come :) 

Also, there were some creepers there... We were washing out a bath tub and one guy, who was probably my age, kept saying to me, "ya sister, you scrub that tub" and then he would blow me kisses. Haha! It was pretty funny. But it was non-stop. And i was starting to get a little worried, and told my zone leaders to protect me if he tried anything - ha!. I also got some dust on my pants so I was brushing it off and some old man came over and started brushing it off my leg too. Like upper thigh area. It was awka-awkward! But, we got a potential investigator out of the service time, so it was worth it. haha!!

I am trying to think if anything else happened this week. Non of our investigators came to church... that was a bummer, but we did get some less actives :) Hardly anyone was there this week! I counted and there were only 20 people there (not including the 6 missionaries that are serving in the branch). Hopefully next week will be better. I know some people were out of town because of Christmas, but still! My goal is to get this branch to be a ward! If we got all of the less actives to come, we would be a ward! I hope we get more people active! It is going to take work, but I know Heavenly Father will help and provide! :) I am really grateful to be serving in this area! The people here are wonderful! And so giving and kind to us! Lennon, I am just so excited for you!!!! I can not wait for you to be able to serve a mission and experience everything I am experiencing. It will bless and change your life forever! I love you all so so so much! Tenga un Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Mangum

aka in-tune cookie ;)

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