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great*week! December 2, 2013

Hey fam! It has been such a great great week!!!! I will begin with the GREAT NEWS!!!

NAOMI COMMITTED TO BEING BAPTIZED ON JANUARY 4TH!!!!!!!!! Sam was out of town this weekend so we haven't committed him yet but we are going to this week! We are shooting for December 21st for him! He is so ready! And we thought it would be really cool and special for him and his family if he could be the one to baptize Naomi :) We go over to their house every single day to teach them more about the gospel. This week they asked for the Elders to come and give them blessings again. IT WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

I did it again! Sent my email without finishing! My dang clumsy fingers! Anywhooo...
Sorry, let’s do this thing... ok...

So the Elders gave Sam, Naomi, Richard (the grandpa) , Mary (the gma with cancer) and Tina the aunt who has mental disabilities blessings. The spirit was so strong!!!!!! After, Sister Hoer said to Sam, "after you get baptized you will have this authority and will be able to give blessings." I wish you could have seen his face when she said that!!! He got the biggest smile ever!!! It made me so happy!! AH!!! I love love love this family! Richard has also become really interested and absolutely LOVES when we come over. He had a stroke and has a hard time expressing things. He reminds me of Uncle Gary after he had his stroke and it makes my heart tender. He tells us he gets so happy when we are there and that he feels different. :) Their family is going through some major financial struggles right now. So we had the ward put together a Thanksgiving meal for them! It was awesome!! They were so appreciative :)

So now about my Thanksgiving! It was AWESOME!!!!! The Buss' signed us up to do the Turkey Trot! We went and ran a 5K in the morning! It was great! And we ran the entire time! Wahoo!!! It was so much fun! Then we went to the Adamson's and hung out there and ate a ton of food :) And played games. We played cards, flash uno (so much fun btw) and then we brought a game with us from the Buss' house that we discovered called Tuba-Ruba. IT IS THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!! I really hope they still sell it! You should try and look it up online and order it! You guys would love it! You wrap a tube around 2 people who are back to back and you put a marble in one end and try and get it out the other. It is so much fun and so funny! I will send pics from it! 

The next day we found out the Adamson's son and daughter got in a car accident on their way to Utah for the weekend. Their house was still a mess so we went over while they went to the hospital to see their kids and cleaned their house for them and made them a buttermilk pie :) It was the least we could do!

Also on Thanksgiving... And Elder in our ward was playing football with the Adamson's in the morning and he threw the football and his arm snapped in two. No lie, all he did was throw the football and his humorus broke. It was really bad. So he probably has to go home to get surgery. He knows Cameron McGinn. They went to school together.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy about Caleb's mission call!!!!!!!!!! He is going to be an amazing missionary! I had another dose of Mehner/Roush this week... So at church yesterday I am walking down the hall when I walk past this really cute couple and their baby and then I realized IT WAS SHANNON AND NICK AND FINN!!! They were in town for Thanksgiving and tracked Ally down! I was like... "Hey, I know you! Shannon!" and she was like, "Hannah!" We hugged and talked for a little bit and then when we went to look for Ally, she had gone home early because she was sick! So I was going to take Shannon to their apartment... But then Ally come walking in for their Correlation meeting. When she saw Shannon her face went into shock and she started crying! It was such a beautiful moment! They just hugged and cried! i am so happy I was there to see it!!! It was so much fun to see her!!! :)

Well, I think that is about it for this week... I DID GET YOUR PACKAGE!!! Thank you so so so much for it!!!! I love it all :)  I love you all so so so much! I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving! The holidays are the best! Especially because you get to focus and what really matters in life. Family, and Christ. I hope you all really try and focus on that this holiday season! It is what it is all about. That is one of the greatest blessings of being on a mission: to not worry about normal everyday things, but to literally focus on the gospel 24/7!!

Love you all!!!!!!

con amor,
hannah :)

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