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This week was a dooooooozy! - January 13, 2014

Hellooooo :)

Well, like I told you in the letter I mailed to you, Mom, this week has been the worst week. It was really rough. I asked my zone leaders to give me a blessing. I have never asked for a blessing on my mission. But I was just feeling so overwhelmed and stresssssssed, so i did. And, I am so glad I did! The blessing was amazing! Elder Spring is so great! The blessing was so similar to my patriarchal blessing! It almost freaked me out! The priesthood is so real! I immediately started feeling better after :)

And everything started getting better at the end of the week. We still had to take it slow. But Jonathan (the Martinez's son who we have been working with) is making HUGE strides! He came to a lesson with us with our investigator, Jose!! And he talked and shared an experience and even said the closing prayer!

We made so many appointments on Friday! This was probably the most well planned out day! Appointments scheduled, backup plans, and even back ups to the back ups! And every single appointment feel through except for our lunch appointment. Which went terrible! The Hermano that fed us was told us that the only reason we are getting people to church because we are pretty woman and that as soon as we leave they will stop coming. My companion left crying. It was bad. But then... we had to go take our car in to get the oil changed and tires rotated. And the guys there left a packet of Hot Chocolate for us on our seats and wrote God Bless You on our oil sticker on the window! It made us so so so happy! It made me really want to do nice things for people all of the time! Because this simple act of kindness brightened my day SO much!!

Saturday was FULL of miracles!! So last Sunday we visited one of our investigators Aunt’s and cousins who were recently baptized last transfer. The sisters had our car, and usually we wait for them to come and pick us up, but Hna. Soto felt like we needed to leave and start walking. We did and saw our great guy in his truck with a lighter in hand. He stopped using drugs, smoking and drinking only a month ago and he had a really hard time with some things said at church that day and he was about to smoke. We caught him right in time. We had been worried about him all week. We set up an appointment with him for Saturday. And he told us he had something to tell us. 

We met up with him on Saturday and he told that he was driving yesterday and had a crazy experience. He was about to pass a semi truck he was behind when he heard a voice tell him to stay in the lane and not to move. A minute later the truck in the lane next to him got t-boned by another semi! He said he knows it was the Holy Ghost that told him not to move. He said he doesn't care about his concerns about last sunday and what people said at church. We had an awesome lesson and discussion with him. He knows he was being watched over! He came to church yesterday and was SO happy!! He was smiling from ear to ear, talking to everyone, and even running down the halls! haha! It was hilarious :)

Also on Saturday... Jonathan came to us to another appointment with Jose and we asked Jose to be baptized on Feb. 1 and he said yes! He said he would try and prepare himself by that date! :) Then we had an awesome lesson with Jonathan about the sacrament! It was just an amazing amazing day to say the least! Best day of the transfer by far!

And listen to this: EVERYONE came to church on Sunday! The room was full! The last few weeks hardly anyone had been coming and this lots of people did yesterday! All of our less actives we are working with AND another one of our investigators, Jorge :) I gave the opening prayer in sacrament meeting! I survived, Mom :) And then a member came up to Hna Soto and I after Sacrament and told us that their sister wants to take the discussions and be baptized! So we have 2 baptisms!!! Such a great day! Our goal of reactivating this branch are coming to fruition! 

Despite the terrible start of the week, it ended amazingly! Full of milagros! :)

I love you guys so much! You are seriously the only reason I was able to push it through the beginning of last week. I feel your love and prayers from here! I hope you know how grateful I am and feel to have such an amazing family!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!!


Hannah :)

Haha - my only picture for you this week is of the hot chocolate the guys at the tire shop gave us. Thank goodness for them - they helped pick me up this week :)

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