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Seriously my favorite week of the mission - November 18, 2013

Hello sweet family

This week has definitely been my favorite of the mission so far! haha! We have met a lot of people!!! And, then, I just absolutely LOVE my companions!!!!!! We have so much fun together and we are so similar. It is great :) 

Let me tell you a little about Greeley... it is not as pretty as my first area (haha) and it smells like cow! Completely different from Broomfield/Boulder! AND IT IS GREAT! I get to see Ally a lot!!!! Last night we actually got to go on exchanges! I got to go with Ally to my very first SPANISH APPOINTMENT!!! How awesome that the first lesson I get to teach in Spanish was with Ally! So special! The lesson was awesome! It was so exciting but it also freaked me out because I am so behind! UGH! I don't like that I have had zero spanish so far. It makes it really hard to learn the language! Ally is so good at Spanish!! I just have to remind myself that she has been in a Spanish area for 3 months now, and I have been in an English area. So, it is ok. I will get as good as she is! I hope next transfer I get moved to the Greeley Spanish Branch! Pray for me!!! I did get another Spanish experience this week :) The other Spanish sisters had a baptism! So I got to go to that and it was all in Spanish. Absolutely amazing! They asked us to sing and I sounded terrible. But whatever. I love singing is Spanish :)

This week we decided to try a new way to find people. We went to a strip mall with cards to hand out to people. I was super nervous. Completely out of my comfort zone! The first few people we talked to were not nice and as they walked away started laughing at us. UGH! But we continued on. Then this old man, Jake, probably in his late 60's approached us and started telling us blonde jokes because Sister Smith has blonde hair. But then his jokes escalated to being very inappropriate! He started telling us super nasty and completely inappropriate sex jokes! We told him we had to go and he said, “wait one more”. IT was crazy! We were actually trying hard not to laugh because it was so ridiculous! LIke really, was this happening?? Was this old man saying these nasty things? Then as we were leaving, he told us that we could spend the night and that he would kick his wife out on the couch! AH!!! We said a prayer after. Good heavens! We needed the spirit back! We continued on and decided that the last person we were going to talk to, we were going to give a Book of Mormon to. We walked up to this guy and tlaked to him. He told us he wasn't interested in learning more. He knew some mormons and thinks they are good people though. So we asked him if we could give him something that was really special to us. He said yes, and we handed him a Book of Mormon. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG AT THAT MOMENT! He started thumbing through it and seemed touched. I hope he calls us! His name is Billy. Pray for Billy :)

I think that is the great thing about missionary work. I am 100% out of my comfort zone! It is hard to approach people and talk to them about religion. It is not something we typically do. And it is hard. Especially when you get laughed at. BUT it is those amazing moments with "Billy's" that make it all worth it!!!! We have been working really hard! I feel like I have started my mission over. I am now doing "real" missionary work. Not much flood work here. We just work on Saturdays if they have a project for us. And it was hard to get used to, but now I am so excited! My companions are such wonderful examples to me! They work so hard and have already taught me so so so much! This is going to be such an amazing transfer! The church is true!!!!!!

Now in response to your emails this week...
  • There is a college here, but it is NO WHERE NEAR as wild and CU in Boulder - haha! 
  • My ward was great! Hard to try and meet new people and remember their names and stuff. The first week in a new ward is pretty stressful actually. But my ward members are great. SUPER inactive though! There are about 400 members in our ward and only about 100-150 are active! This week, Sister Smith and I got asked to go and translate in Primary! They combine our primary with the Spanish branch's. Sis. Smith did most of it, and there was another lady that did a lot of translating too. But it was still cool. I am getting closer and closer to SPanish :)
  •  I think your idea of doing service as a family for Thanksgiving is AWESOME!! Yes, Mike the mailman would be the best to do something for!!! Can’t wait to hear about it.
  • I am going to a family called the Adamsons house for Thanksgiving. They are SWEET! We ate our first meal in Greeley with them. They love the missionaries and are so funny! They are going to have a lot of missionaries over! Sister Smith and Hoer and I are going to go to a thrift store and buy ugly sweaters to wear ;) It is going to be SO FUN!!!




(This is an email from one of Hannah's favorite people from Broomfield that I received last week. She was a Mom away from home for Hannah and I am so grateful. What a great "tender mercy" to get this email!)

Diane - So here is my fun little surprise.  We went to Loveland to say our goodbye's to a missionary that served in BR3 and is finishing an honorable mission.  Once a missionary serves in our ward they are a forever member…just keep that in mind. So when we got to Loveland to see our missionary friend, he suggested that we head over to the Greeley Stake Center where we would surely see another missionary he served with and that we also love.  So we headed there and found out that we knew two missionaries there who had served in BR3 and had a happy reunion.  There were some sister missionaries outside of the building and I knew the chances were high that one of them might be serving with our dear Hermana Mangum so I asked if they knew her.  Two said "YES!" One will be her new companion in a trio and the other is Hermana Mangums dear friend, Hermana Mehner!  Yay!!!! I love it!  So we took a photo but didn't visit too long. I was cold outside and wanted to go inside but Hermana Mehner was headed a different direction.The two friends will certainly see each other while serving in the same area, I think it might even be the same zone if I remember right. We are soooo sad the Hermana's are transferred from our ward.  They are dear to our hearts and were needed here, we are grateful for the time that we did have them here.  Plus WE LOVE THEM!  I can honestly say they are favorites for sure.
So awesome!


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