Saturday, November 16, 2013

I am so impressed with the members in Colorado!!! - 11-4-13

Hellllllooooo beautiful family!!
OK, where to begin?? I guess I will start by thanking you for the package this week! :) I LOVE the journals!! Thank you so so so much Mom! Lennon- I LOVE THE PICTURE!!! I hung it up in my room! and Max- thank you so so very much for the letter! I seriously have the best family!!!! 

So, I am sure you noticed I dipped into home funds this week... I try really hard not to! But I ran out of money last week and had to dip in in order to survive. I needed food ;) haha! 

This week I got to eat dinner with the Spanish sisters in the stake and went to the Portio's home again. We went with them last transfer too :) I LOVE THEM!!! It gets me SO excited to serve in a Spanish area!!! This is the last week of transfers, and I am praying that I get moved to the Boulder Spanish ward, that way I get Spanish, can continue to teach people here, and be in a familiar area for the holidays! Pray for me!!!!!!! But, having dinner with them also freaked me out. I have forgotten a lot from the MTC... it has been 2 1/2 months with no Spanish... not fair! I really hope next transfer I get Spanish because I need it!!!! 

MOM- I am so so so happy you had a wonderful birthday! And that you liked your present from me :) I had SO much fun putting it together!! I won't lie, I wish I could have been there with you... sounds like you had the best time! But, Mom, Sister Kaiser did give me a big mama hug from you on your birthday! She told me you told her to... haha! I loved it and even though she is about 10 inches shorter than you... It felt good :) 

So this week it was the Boulder Stake's 40 Anniversary event. I had heard it was going to be good, but man, IT WAS AMAZING!!! I mean it really was truly incredible!!!! Someone in the stake painted famous pictures of Christ (like Christ with the children, Mary and Christ, Peter and Christ, etc.) but he only painted Jesus in the pictures and then had people come stand in the picture and pose as if they were actually in the picture with Christ. I hope that makes sense! It kind of reminded me of the Pageant of the Masters in So. Calif. that we went to at Tiffany and Glen’s. They also had an orchestra, a regular choir and a children’s choir (all members from the stake) who sang as they showed the pictures. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!!!! It made my love for Jesus Christ a thousand times stronger! I didn't even know that was possible! And I felt his love for me immensely! Mike and Carole were so impressed!!! They invited us over for lunch the next day and they told the Elders that were with us that we have opened up a door for them they didn't even know was there! I AM SO HAPPY!!! 



Hermana Hannah :)

This photo came from a great member of Hannah's ward - THANK GOODNESS, as we did not get any photos this week!!

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