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The Big Goodbye - November 12, 2013

Wow, this has been a crazy week! A lot has happened. I haven't read your emails yet, because I don't know how long I will be here at the Library as I have to head off to my new area... GREELEY!!! So I wanted to send out my email first.

So yes, I have been transferred to Greeley. I am serving in an english area again... I am not happy about that. I NEED SPANISH! It is soooo hard to learn Spanish in the states already, and it makes it a hundred times harder when you haven't been able to serve in a Spanish area! Ugh, oh well, I do know it is where I am supposed to be. AND, ALLY IS IN MY ZONE! We will see each other all of the time! I am so excited! I am going to be in a trio. I was really nervous about that at first, but when I found out who my companions were, I got excited. I think it is going to be great! Hermana Smith, and Sister Hoer (said like "her") are my new companions :) Our ward is the Glenmere ward. My companions are both the Sister Training Leaders for the area. So I will be going on exchanges a lot. And every time I do, I get to go with Ally!! I am really excited!!! I am really sad to leave Broomfield/Boulder. I have loved it here! Especially the people I have met! It is really hard for me to go. But I do think this next transfer is going to be a lot of fun! This transfer is only going to be 5 weeks because of Christmas, and then the next one will be 7 and then we will go back to 6 week transfers. 

For "Transfer Doctrine" (that is what we call it when we find out where we will be going), a member invited our zone to their house for a bonfire. It was so much fun! I will send you pictures of it!

I think the hardest thing about leaving Boulder Area is not being able to see Carole and Mike. I am sooooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! We met them up for frozen yogurt last night to say goodbye, and it was the hardest thing ever! We were with them for 2 and a half hours! When it was time for us to go, Carole hugged me forever and ever! And she bawled! She is so sad I am leaving. We have become really close, as you know. It was one of the hardest things having to say goodbye. But, she said she is going to drive to Greeley and take me out to lunch :)

This was a good week of mail for me :) I got a letter from the E8 Primary! With cute little letters from the kids! I loved it! And Carah Heineman Burrell wrote me!!! I was absolutely thrilled to get the letter! I can't wait to write her back! I hope I can get to it soon! It has been super crazy and busy this last week. Also, the package for Hna. Jarvis came this morning before we left! So I got to watch her open it! SHE LOVED IT!! And even cried. Thank you so so so much for doing that for me :)

Ok, so crazy story... So on Tuesday we had a Mission Tour. Which is when a General Authority comes and trains the missionaries. It was really good. Elder Gay, from the 70 came. So the meeting was in Loveland, which is about 45 mins from Broomfield. So, on our way home, we are driving on the freeway, with 5 sisters in our car, when Hna. Jarvis runs over a block of wood and blows our tire out... We luckily got off the freeway before it went too flat and were able to pull off in a safe area. Well, the tire was completely flat. And it was freezing outside and dark. So we called some Elders to come and rescue us. Haha! They got lost, finally found us about 30 mins later, and changed our tire. We got back in the car to go, and what happened?? Our car battery was dead!! Not joking. None of us had jumper cables, so we had to flag someone down from the road and they actually didn't have any either, but they ran home and got some for us. We didn't get home until about 8:30, when we should have been home at like 6:00. It was a long and crazy night!

Saying goodbye to everyone was super hard! Hard to leave the ward, and my zone. I have just gotten to know and love everyone so much! But, as hard as it is, I know that I am supposed to go to Greeley right now, and even in English. I am excited for my next adventure and to be close to Ally!! Heavenly Father has a plan and a purpose for me there. I am excited to see what it is!

I love you guys so so so so much!!! I hope you are doing wonderful! I will now read your emails from this week! I am excited to hear how it has been for you :)

Hannah :)

P.S. Mom, will you send my some brown shoe polish for my boots?? (WHICH I LOVE BTW)

Transfer Doctrine Bonfire :)

The awesome Elder Welch!

This is Sister Woessner - I LOVE HER!! She and Hermana Jarvis are companions now :)

And fabulous Elder Gable!!!!

Me and Hermana Cropper - could not love her more!!

I can't leave Hermana Jarvis :(

We had a little bad luck!!

Rescued by the Elders!!!

And a second rescue…man, what a night!!!

Good bye to Sister Engstrom? … I just can't do it :(

Good bye to the Kaiser's?? ….. nooooooooo :(

The wonderful Drake Family - I am going to miss them!!

Saying goodbye to the Deckers - no one told me this was going to be sooooo hard :(

This is Katie B. - one of my favorite people I have ever met!

To be honest, I can barely handle the thought of leaving Mike and Carole. I could not have grown closer to 2 people than these two. They literally mean the world to me and I am soooo grateful to have met them and been a part of their lives. This relationship will go on FOREVER!!!

One of the last houses we worked on in Boulder

Yes, Mom, that is me standing in there :)

Last P-day in Boulder and I found a FREE PEOPLE store!!!!


Thank you Lennon - we LOVE  the quotes!!!

This is all of Hermana Jarvis' posterity :) A M A Z I N G !!!

Super sad to leave each other … but off to Greeley I go!

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  1. What a blessing your hermana is for my hermana (Meagan). I hope and pray they will be forever friends.