Thursday, August 1, 2013


Buenos Dias mi familia!!!! 

Yay! I{m so happy it is Pday and I get to write you! It is seriously the highlight of my week to read your emails! So thank you!!!! Soooooo.... I saw Demarie this morning!! I had the date wrong! I thought she was coming last week so I have been looking everywhere for her for a week and never found her. Turns out she came last night! It was so fun to see her! We are going to have fun together!

Last week after I emailed you, my district and another district played Ultimate Flat Football for some Pday fun! Haha! We were wanting to play ulitimate frisbee, but never found a frisbee... so we used a very flat football that we found! It was soooo much fun!!! I was getting really into it! I scored a point which made me feel really good :) Haha! My district was winning 4-0! The other district wanted to keep playing, so we did, but we were very tired. They caught up and it was 4-4 and then they got the next point - so it was 4-5 and then they wanted to stop playing!! So that was lame...haha. My elders were pretty upset. I kinda was too... my competitive side was coming out, which can be great, but I had to remind myself that winning isn{t everything. Haha!! I guess that{s why they tell us not to keep score. Haha! We are going to play again today!! I can{t wait!! The sisters in the other district we played with are Hermana Newman & Johnson! I love them so much!! They are both going to Virginia. We do everything with them and have become such great friends! I can{t wait to hang out with them after the mish! :) 

So this week I have been sick... Had a really bad cold! It has been going around the whole MTC (CCM). People either have a cold or the flu. So I was really happy I got the cold. I am feeling better now! But last week I just slept during gym time... I could barely breathe and had a fever and a bad sore throat. So I am glad I am feeling much better this week! 

Thanks for the info on the debit card! I didn{t even think that it was going to expire. yikes! Could you also send my my black pants and the belt to my orange dress to Colorado?? I forgot them... 

So last week in church I got called on to speak! I did it all in spanish!!! It was so hard! I had to just read my talk. I am definitly not at the point were I can just get up and talk in the language. It was hard but it was really good for me as I am sure I will be doing a lot of that in the mission field.So what we use for our chapel is like a class room that we meet in with 2 other districts. It is so different! But really cool! And when we were taking the sacrament, we could hear Rolling in the Deep by Adele playing in the background! It was sooooo loud! But it wasn{t her singing., probably a girl from Mexico that remade the song. Not your typical sacrament meeting :)

Last week there were camera crews here! I think it was for general conference (you know the great stories and news they give in between sessions)! So look for me!!! But, it was on my pday right before we went to play ultimate flat football... haha, so I am wearing work out clothes... oops! haha!! Also, we had some pretty crazy storms this week! The power went out a few times! Once it was at 8:30 at night. We were in class when the power went out and it was pitch black!! We couldn{t see a thing!! It was kinda freaky, but cool! Lets see... I keep getting mosquito bites! Driving me crazy!!!! I have had a total of 5 on my face!! It is so embarrassing!! Haha! I have them all over my hands and legs and they itch like crazy!!

This week our elders made up a really long extended version of rock paper siccors (I totally forgot how to spell siccors...) hahaha! I will send you a pic of their diagram! It was so funny! They got the idea from the big bang theory! It is soooo hilarious!I am trying to think of other things that happened this week as I type as fast as I can like a crazy person... Teaching our investigators is getting better. But it is so hard! This week we were teaching and we said something really funny and we all started laughing, including the investigator and he had to take a time out from our lesson. It was hilarious! We ended up talking in english after and he gave us some good tips. Talking to him after was super helpful.

I think that is about it... I love you all so much and think of you every day!!! I am so grateful to be a missionary. I can’t wait to share my testimony about the Savior. The gospel is so powerful and I am so grateful for it inmy life. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support!!TE QUIERO!!!

Love you!!
Con Amor,
Hannah Banana :)

Hermana Mangum and Hermana Mehner

Playing "Ultimate Flat Football"!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Mexico MTC Style!!

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