Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AWESOME WEEK! - August 7, 2013

Hola!! Can you all believe I have been gone for a month now!! The time is seriously flying by!! As much as I love it here at the CCM, I am getting really excited to go to Colorado!!!

Here{s some MTC romance news... There are 2 teachers here who have started dating and are in love! Que Lindo!! haha!! We find them snuggling up on couches and sneaking around at night... it is really funny! And the other day, Hermana Larsen and I were running around the football field during gym when we saw a couple on the bleachers. The guy had a guitar and he was singing. We thought it was so cute! Turns out they were actually breaking off their engagment... 2 of our Elders had taught the girl, who is a local member in our TRC (which is when we share a message with members. They volunteer and come to help us). During the Elders message to her she started bawling and told them she had just broken up with her fiance... They pointed her out to us and it was the girl on the bleachers! So we saw them break up. MUY TRISTE!!!

Last week I forgot to tell you guys a funny story! An Elder in our Branch, Elder J., woke up in the middle of the night. He wanted to know what time is was but didn{t want to wake his companion up. So he went into the bathroom. It was 2:30am. As he was walking out of the bathroom, his companion was walking in. They both were startled by each other and Elder T. (the companion) punched him in the face and knocked him out cold!!! Another Elder in their dorm heard the noise and poked his head out the door to see Elder T. walking over Elder J. and into the bathroom. Turns out Elder T. was sleep walking and doesn{t remember anything! And Elder J. had a swollen eye the next day! Haha!!

Let{s see... Oh! Tanner Williams is here! He came up and talked to me and was super nice! He said 2 other Elders came from Timpview with him but I didn{t recognize their names... Also, there{s another Mangum here! Elder Mangum! The BYU football quarterback - Tanner Mangum! Do you remember that everyone thought we were related to him (haha - poor real cousin Tanner Mangum probably gets that everyday!). He{s super nice!! So whenever we see each other we say Hola! Ha! I haven{t had a chance to take pics with David or Demarie yet... but I will this week and I{ll send them to you next wednesday!!!

Our new roommates left on Monday. They were so cute! Hermana Tapia & Aguilar! We have been blessed with great roommates! We get more today, I hope they are as good as the last 2 sets have been! The other night I did some card tricks for them and it was so funny! They were so freaked out!!!

So this week we had some drama happen in our district... Half of our Elders have been getting on their emails everyday! We have an hour every day to do language study on the computers. And while we are supposed to be doing that, they have been getting on their emails ... naughty, naughty. And they got their computer privileges taken away!! That includes emailing home for 3 weeks!!!! Very, very, very long story short... A couple of days later the president talked to them and they some how got away with only a warning. Moral of the story... BE OBEDIENT!!! Our elders are always trying to find loop holes in the rules and it gets them into trouble! I am so grateful I have a clean conscious because I have never gotten on my email when I wasn{t supposed to. I have learned so much about the importance of being obedient!

Hermana Larsen{s birthday was on friday! Our roommates and I decorated the bathroom for her! It was really funny... She went to bed early the night before, so we went to town making decorations. When we finished, we hung them up on the mirror and made it look so cute! Well, then Hna Larsen woke up and needed to use the bathroom.... Seriously!? haha! So I ran in and said I needed to use it first and we took down all the decorations! Hahaha!! After she fell back asleep we snuck back in and hung the decorations back up! She was surprised in the morning! I was glad, I was worried she figured out what was going on! #wewentalloutforher 

This week I bought I sweet picture book! It is super nice! I bought it from the tienda for only 19 pesos! That is about $1.50! What a steal! I can{t wait to use it in my lessons with investigators! I also bought this cool plan of salvation puzzle in spanish! Mom, I heard there was a new temple movie too!! I can{t wait to see it! I hear it is amazing! I get to go to the temple again next wednesday! I am soooooo excited!! I love the temple so much!! And I can{t wait to do a whole session in spanish! But most of all I love the feeling after I go to the temple! It just brings so much peace to my day! I can{t wait for you to get to go through Lennon! It will bless your life so much!!!!!

Yesterday we had the most insane rainstorm I have ever seen in my entire life!! It was coming down SOOOOO hard! And it was hailing too! The streets were flooded! I stood in a puddle and it was half way up my shin! I am going to send you the picture!! So, when does the Korean come!? Are you guys getting excited? She sounded super cute in the email you forwarded me! Is my room empty and destroyed yet? Yes mom, keep those fabrics, please don{t donate those! And I forgot to say thank you for the quilt in my last email! I am sooooooo excited to get it! You have no idea how much it means to me!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for the update on gma shirley! Holy cow that is scary! I am so so so glad she is doing ok. I will keep her in my prayers!! That is super cool about Ferdy{s parents!! I can{t wait to meet them and tell them I played ping pong with their son! Haha!! Lennon I am so proud of you for driving on the freeway!!! YOu are growing up sooo fast!! #proudsis

I know you are all praying for me! I can feel your prayers and love from here! Thank you so much! I ask that you pray that I will learn the language quickly! I can{t belive how much I have already learned and I am able to get by teaching a lesson. Even if I can{t remember any of the conjugations, I do it... But I am worried about the mission field! I know when I am out there it will come! But I just want to ask you to pray for me and ask that I can be blessed with the gift of tongues!

Thank you so much for all the updates! It sounds like you guys are all doing so well! Thanks for the Bachelor update! Every website I read before I came said Brooks won! So that was a complete surprise! And holy cow, I am so excited for Juan Pablo! YOu have to record that season for me and Ally so we can watch it when we get home!!!
I love you all so so so so so so so so much!!!!

Hermana Mangum :)

Lots of rain this week!


A cool place I found to read my scriptures!

I love these girls!!

Feliz cumpleanos para la Hermana Larsen!

I love this place!

Benemerito :)

The palm trees are gorgeous!!

Another view

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