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Leaving on Monday!! - August 14, 2013

HOOOOOOOOOLA!!!!! Ok, first of all, I have some big news... my flight was changed. So I actually leave a day earlier!! My flight is at 6am on Monday and I fly to Dallas instead of Atlanta! I leave to the airport at like 1 or 2 in the morning from the CCM. So I will call you guys in Dallas. I don{t what time... probably around 8... no sé... But it is crazy! I leave in 5 days!! Ahh!!! I can't believe it! I am so excited! I can't wait to get to Colorado!

So, first of all, will you send me that quote from Ky's homecoming? Second, I got your Dear Elders on Thursday :) I think it took about 2 and a half weeks for to get them... But I was so happy when I did! I loved getting mail :) Haha!

So warning... this letter is very sporadic and the order of things doesn{t really make sense or flow.... So, this week I ran into a teacher who}s last name is Sagers and it turns out he is Paul and Catherine{s nephew! Small world! I also met Elder Sherman this week! I don{t know his first name... but he graduated with Lennon and is apparently in our stake! It is so fun having people you know here!

Oh! On LDS.ORG they posted a video about the MTC here! You need to watch it! I am not in it... :( But Ally is!! and so are the other girls going to Fort Collins! So get on and check it out!

I have some terrible, awful, baaaaaaaaaad news!! On thursday I picked out a super cute outfit to wear. I was so excited! The skirt I was going to wear was my super cute green one! (My favorite skirt). It was wrinkley, so I went to iron it. I put the setting on the lowest it could go and it wasn{t getting the wrinkles out. So I turned the heat up a little. The second I touched that iron to my skirt it burned a hole right through it!!!!!!! I seriously almost cried!!!! It is my favorite skirt! So... Mom... I know the chances are slim... but could you see if the store has anymore or could order another one?? In a medium?? Otherwise my skirts are all black, gray and one yellow. I have the lace one too, but I can only wear that with so many things... AHHHH!!! I am soooooooooooo upset!!!! :(

I have been wanting to buy a CTR ring, but one in spanish! The ones they sell here are not that good. And I doubt I will be near a deseret book in Colorado... So, could you buy me one and send it to me in Colorado!? I’d love you forever and ever!!! Look at me - I keep asking for things! Sorry!!

I was told about a really cool experience that a couple Elders had last week that I wanted to tell you! During our TRC last week (TRC is when we share a message with members, either teachers or volunteers from Mexico City). When one of the native teachers was driving into the CCM, she saw this lady standing close to the entrance and she looked really sad. So the teacher went over and talked to her. The lady was not a member. The teacher invited her to come and have the missionaries share a message with her during the TRC. She agreed to come. The Elders that were assigned to talk to her had the worst spanish in their class. They went in and had a really hard time having a conversation with her, but they kept telling her over and over that God loves her. After about 15 minutes the Elders left, and the lady found the teacher and she was crying. She told the teacher that she was going to commit suicide that night and that the Elders gave her hope and had such a strong spirit. She told the teacher she wanted to get baptized! After only 15 minutes of talking to Elders who could barely speak spanish, she wanted to get baptized!!!! Holy cow! Now she has been taking the lessons during this last week and has set a date to be baptized! And she asked if the Elders who talked to her during the TRC could come. They got permission to! Wow!! What a great story! I am so excited to have experiences like this in the mission field!!

I am really excited right now to go and teach real investigators in Colorado! But this week, sounds like Ally already told you, I had my first break down... During class on friday night, I was having a really hard time understanding the lesson! I started panicking cause I was leaving in 10 days and I can barely get by teaching a lesson and I can{t conjugate a verb for anything! So as we walked out of class I started to cry. When we got home I told Hna. Larsen I needed to talk to Hna. Mehner. I went over to her house, but she was in the shower. She came right over when she was done. I just cried and she cried, and we hugged! Her companion was there too, Hna. Cropper. I love Hna. Cropper! I am so glad she is coming to Fort Collins with us!! So they both just hugged me and loved me and told me everything was going to be alright. They told me they cry every other day, so they knew exactly how I was feeling. We talked for about 45 minutes outside my house. We cried, hugged and laughed. It was exactly what I needed! I am SO grateful Ally is here!!! I know Heavenly Father is watching over me because he has sent us to the same mission. After talking to them I felt a 1000 times better!!!

Esté semana, yo jugaba mucho volibal! I am getting pretty decent. So watch out Lennon!! ;) I even have a bruise on my left wrist from playing so much! It really hurts.. haha! Also this week, we thought we were going to get native roommates. But we didn{t I have absolutely loved the roommates we have had, but we are really glad we didn{t get any this week, cause it makes getting ready in the morning a hundred times easier! And now we have our own desks, and Hna. Larsen switched bunkbeds. So now we have our own beds too! It is wonderful! haha!

I wanted to share a quote with you guys I gor in relief society. It is from Marion G. Romney:”I feel certain that if, in our homes, parents will read from the book of mormon prayerfully and regularly, both by themselves and with their children, the spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. The spirit of reverence will increase mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. The spirit of contention will depart. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel fo their parents. Righteousness will increase. Faith, hope, and charity- the pure love of Christ- will about in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness.”
I loved this quote and know it is true! I want to invite you guys to read the BOM together every day. I know the spirit will be stronger and there won{t be contention in the home.

I got to go to the temple this morning! It was so great! I did the whole session in spanish!! And I actually understood about 70% of it! Yay! Haha! It was such a wonderful experience!!

I am so glad that you guys love the exchange student, Soo! Sounds like she is a sweetheart and that you guys are going to have a great experience with her!!
I met and talked to a kid from Fort Collins this week! I had to lead the music during a devotional on Sunday. So when the president announced my name and said I was going to Fort Collins, he came and found me after! Haha! He told me it is sooooo beautiful! And that much of his town was hispanic! He told me that I will be speaking A LOT of spanish!! So that made me very happy! :) He also told me that it gets SUPER windy and SUPER cold!!! Ahhhh!!! :( 

I love you guys more than anything in the world!!! I think about you and pray for you every day! I can{t believe I have almost been gone for a month and a half! I only have 16 and a half months left!! Cray Cray! People said that time flies by, and they were right!! I can{t wait to talk to you guys on Monday!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL TALK TO YOU SOON!!

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrmana Mangum :)

Hannah and Demarie - they have been friends since elementary school!!

Elder Diaz!!!! and Hermana Mangum - family friend that we ADORE!!!!!!

The awkward handshaking - can't hug anymore :(

The Fort Collins Hermanas - Ally is in the polka dot skirt

Hermanas with some attitude :)

Tragedy of the week....

A super sad selfie - haha!

The famous in front of the map shot!

Mangum and Larsen

Statue on the campus

Typical classroom

The spanish scriptures say YOLO - haha!

El templo de la Ciudad de Mexico

Las Hermanas


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