Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am sleeping on a LoveSac and speaking English in Boulder! - August 20

I AM HERE!! Estoy aqui! Colorado does not at all look like what I was expecting! It is really flat!! And corn fields for miles! It is really pretty! But not at all what I was expecting.

On my flight to Denver, I sat next to a lady from Mississippi. She is a Southern Baptist. Her name is Martha. We talked literally the entire 2 hours!! It was so great! I got to know her pretty well. She made it clear that she did not want me to try and convert her. But she asked me lots of questions and, by the end, she had so much respect for me and for all missionaries and the work we are doing. She told me she was going to pray for me. It really was such a wonderful experience!

So, Ferdie's parents did not pick us up from the airport. But President Brown and his wife did - and I LOVE THEM!!! Pres. Brown is super tall, extremely nice and very funny! I am so grateful he is my Mission President and for the relationship I can tell I will have with him and Sister Brown.

So... I AM SERVING IN BOULDER! And in English... if we meet any Spanish speakers we can teach them, but I am officially English in this area. Esta Bien! My companion's name is Hermana Jarvis. She is super nice! She has been out for 9 months but has only served in one area her entire mission! She served in Greeley, which is where Ally is right now! All of the girls from CCM that came with me went to English speaking areas except Ally. I am fine with it. I am trying to have a good attitude. My companion speaks really good Spanish and told me we will work on it while we are together so I will be prepared if I get called to a Spanish area in the future. I am here to serve Heavenly Father, so that is what I will do :)

We are currently homeless... haha! We stayed the night with some other missionaries at a members home just outside of our area. The lady we were supposed to stay with told us after we got to her home last night that she isn't taking any more missionaries... So our Zone Leaders and Bishop are trying to find us a home! Haha!We don't really know what to do today either... we don't have a car, it is in the shop... So we are going to tag a long with other sisters. I think we are going to do a service project after emailing! We are just kinda playing everything by ear...

I am the 4th person Hermana Jarvis has trained, all of which took place in Greeley. She is brand new here in Boulder, so we are trying to figure everything out together. We are actually emailing from a library. Even though it is Tuesday, we get to email because it was transfers yesterday and no one got to write home. So today all the missionaries get a little time to send out some emails.

I am soooooo tired!! I crashed last night! I slept on a LoveSac last night and it was super comfy!! My companion slept on the couch. She probably thought I was so boring, I was so tired I couldn’t even talk. I only had 2 hours sleep the night before! I don't know how long we will be staying at this members home... maybe 1 day, 3 days, 1 week. No se... Pero, este familia es muy amable! And I think that Seth and Laurel live really close to where I am serving! So tell her to email me!!

I am trying to think of what else to tell you... OH!! Mom, in my interview with Pres. Brown he kept saying how great the letter you wrote him was!! He LOVED IT! And wanted me to make sure to tell you! He said the nicest things to me! I cried... haha! It was wonderful! Pres. Brown is a wonderful man and I am so thrilled to get to know him!!!

Well, I love you guys! I will try and send some pics real quick! I get 2 hours to email in the field!! YAY! But a thing keeps popping up every 5 minutes and it says I only have 5 minutes left... If it doesn't kick me off then I can email you until 12. But if it does, then I only have a couple more minutes... maybe. I really have no idea! Haha! I will try and send pics from the CCM and Boulder really quick!
Love you all!!!!

-Hermana Hannah Mangum :)

Las Hermanas con el Presidente y Hermana Brown :)

She survived the MTC!!

Last day with district and CCM branch presidency.

Not the district - some teachers and friends made at CCM.

The "sing off" - a tradition when a group is leaving the CCM.

Elder Diaz off to New York - we love this boy!!! 

This one if for Lennon :) The BEETLES are in the CCM in Mexico City!!!

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