Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I LOVE the MTC!! - July 24th

The District
Hermana Martinez or Magana??
Hermana Martinez or Magana??
It pours in Mexico City
Bottom bunk

Hey fam fam!! 

First of all thank you so much for your emails!! I cried the whole time! I miss you guys so much!! But I am having a great time! Also, I have taken Cristin Drewes wonderful advice and I came early this morning and printed off your emails and read them. Now I am emailing you with more time! Second of all, I have NO IDEA what pictures I sent you last week... haha! I literally hit send on my email when there was 1 second left on my timer! So I am glad you like them :)

I absolutely love the MTC here! It is so beautiful!!! I kinda feel like the “others” in LOST because we are living in the perfect little secluded community all by ourselves. Haha! I also LOVE how much it rains here! Every day it rains! And not a little bit of rain, but it like “monsoons” and I love it!!!! One of my favorite things here is when we sing hymns! Hymns in spanish are prettier than english! Haha! But seriously. Last night at our devotional I almost started crying when we were all singing, it is just so beautiful and the spirit was so strong! Another thing I am loving is how laid back it is here. I know the Provo MTC is way strict, and it is not here at all! And I am grateful! It probably will be later, but since it{s so new, they haven{t figured everything out. Haha!

I love my teachers so much! I have 3 different teachers! Hermano Wadsworth (who is hilarious!) and Hermana Saucedo. They are my morning teachers. They are so fun!! My teacher at night is Hermano Hoskisson, who is related to Paul Hoskisson!! And he goes over to their house for sunday dinner! He told me that Quina{s mom only died 2 months ago! I loved her.

Something that has been kinda hard for me is that I am the only sister going to Fort Collins that is not in the same house or district with the other sisters. There are 4 other sisters going (including Ally) and they are all companions and roommates and in the same district. So I feel like they are spending so much time togehter and I only see them in passing or when the whole MTC meets. It{s kinda hard, but I try really hard to spend as much time with them as possible, and I am just really grateful I have Ally! 

I am really liking my district! The elder{s have stopped throwing pesos! Haha! And they are being nicer  to us! I have been playing basketball with them which is super fun! It{s really hard though cause I{m not allowed to touch them, and they are not allowed to touch me... so its a little awkward...not my best basketball moves - lol. I still try and get in there, but i have to be careful! Hermana Larsen hates basketball! So I have recruited another sister, Hermana Johnson to play with me :) And then we just go on exchanges!

We had to say goodbye to our roommates on monday morning! It was the saddest thing ever! I cried! I love them so much! I am so grateful for the friendship we have made! I know we will stay in touch! Hermana Martinez is so funny!!!! I showed them pictures of you guys and when she saw Max she feel in love!!! So we have already arranged that Max and her are going to get married! There is only 5 years difference :) But every day she would say something about Max! So dude, you’re even a heart stopper in Mexico!! Haha! And Lennon, one of the Elders in my district is 6 feet 7 inches. He played basketball and got the same kind of offers you did to play ball. He is from west virginia and is sooooo hilarious! He totally has a southern accent. When I told him you were 6 1 all the elders were like “you have to marry her!” So you guys need to go on a date when he gets home cause he is going to go to byu! haha!

In class this week, we watched a video on stress management and guess who was in the movie!?!? UNCLE LYLE!!! I screamed and yelled, That}s my uncle! I felt pretty cool :) Haha! Also, one of the devotionals we watched this week was from Elder Holland. (We watch devotionals from the PRovo MTC) When it started, Brother Brown from our ward, was directing it! So between him and Lyle I felt like my family was looking after me. Then Elder Holland spoke. And HOLY COW!! (SANTA VACA) Haha ;) It was fantastic!! I took 4 pages of notes! The spirit was so strong! I love that man so much! I hope I can meet him one day!

Lets, see... I have a mosquito bite the size of Texas on my shin and it makes it look deformed... haha!! Demarie should have gotten here last night! But I haven{t seen her yet! I will be looking for her today! GOOD NEWS!!! I GET TO CALL YOU WHEN I GET TO ATLANTA ON MY WAY TO DENVER!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Also, will you please leave $200 in my account for emergencies!? Thanks! 

Also, HOW IS PHOEBE!?!?!?  I miss her so much! Does she miss me?? Thank you for taking such good care of her!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! The time is flying by! I know we will see each other sooner than we think!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Mangum

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