Thursday, July 18, 2013

HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏ - JULY 17TH

Mi Familia!! 

Holy cow it has been SO hard not to write to you for over a week!! I am having such a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The campus here is SOOOOOO beautiful!! I will try and write you a quick run down of the last week. I have an hour to emaiL, but it took me 32 minutes just to read all of your emails! Haha! Thank you so much for them! So... I am not in the same house or district as Ally. But our houses are right next to each other! I see her everyday and it is wonderful!!! I see David ike every day too! And it is so hard to not be able to hug him!! My companion`s name is Hermana Devery Larsen. She is great! She is actually 24! She turns 25 next week! She is from Washington State and she already graduated with her masters in speech therapy! We get a long really well! And we have the same sense of humor! We have Native roomates! WHO I LOVE!!! One doesn{t speak any english, the other is fluent! So she translates everything for us! Their names are hermana Martinez and Hermana Magana! Hermana Martinez is the one who doesn{t speak any english, but she is hilarious!! She makes fun of us... but I love it! LIke the other night I was telling her what time is was and it was 9:47, but i said ``90:14&7`` HAHAHAHA!!!! So now she calls me Hermana Noventa! I love it! Hermana Magana is so sweet and is obsessed with starwars! She wears star wars pjs every night! Her journal is star wars too! My district... haha! We are the only girls! I love half of the Elders! The other half act like 18 year old boys! During study time they just throw pesos around the classroom or lay on desks and are super distracting! So hopefully they start acting like missionaries soon!

So, how our church works is everyone writes a talk and then when we get there they announce who is speaking! Ah! And it{s all in spanish! I wasn{t called on this week - thank goodness! I was super nervous! BUt we had a devotional after church on sunday about prayer and it was FANTASTIC! I wanted to quickly tell you one of the stories! The devotional was about praying specifically. The speaker told us a great story about a missionary in mexico who left his backpack in the back of a taxi. The elder had been out for 21 months and all of his pictures and scriptures and everything was in his backpack. He went home and said a prayer and said that tomorrow he was going to be at a
7-11 near his house with a sign for  an hour and he prayed that the taxi driver would drive by and give him his backpack. And he prayed that nothing would have been stolen out of it. So the next day he went to the 7-11 with his companion and they stood outside for 58 minutes and he started to lose hope, when the taxi driver came and gave him his backpack and told him he didn{t steal anything because he is christian! I was crying! Holy cow what a great story!!! So I just want to tell you guys to start saying specific prayers! THere was another story he told but I don{t have time to write it, so I will tell you later!

So, we have already started teaching lessons in spanish to some of the teachers. Our investigator's name is Carlos. And oh my goodness! IT IS HARD! I can barely follow the conversation and I have to read my notes any time I say something! Haha! I feel like I have a learned a lot for only beiung here for 1 week, but I get frustrated and pray that I learn the language fast! IT{s hard!!
So, this morning I went to the temple!!! Oh my gosh, it was such an amazing experience!!! THe temple is beautiful!! THey gave us headphones which was nice. BUt next time we go I am going to do the whole thing is spanish! The spirit was SO strong there! And everyone was so nice and helpful to us!

A little about the campus... ITS GORGEOUS! It rains pretty much everyday. One day it was like a full on monsoom! We were soaked!!!! but it was really fun! The water here isn{t that great... haha! But the food is pretty good!

Also, don{t send me any handwritten letters or packages until I am in colorado. IT takes 6 weeks for us to even get mail from the states! So I probably wouldn{t even get it! And Lennon, Thank you so much for the candy!! I eat a little bit everyday :) I am trying to make it last! Haha!

Thank you so much for the bachelorette updates as well as hgtv star! It made me really happy! I{m so happy to hear you are all doing well!!! I miss you guys so much! BUt i really am having such a great time and I am learning a lot!

MAX your pictures are ridiculous!!! Holy cow! That is so cool that Mrs jdawgs wrote on your instagram!

The Korean sounds super nice and cute! That{s so cool that uncle dave flew with PAUL MILSAP!!! I apologize for the terrible spelling! and when i used } it is supposed to be an apostrophe, but the keyboards are different here and I can{t find it... haha!!
Hermana Mangum!

Hermana Mangum y Mehner en el Centro de Capacitacion Misional Mexico

Mexico City Temple on first Pday

The grounds at MTC

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  1. Moving right along! you'll get the language down in no time! Keep up the good work!!

    Angela Jaramillo