Thursday, July 18, 2013

SHE IS GONE - JULY 9, 2013

Hola Familia! I haven´t read your emails yet... I don´t have time :( I am not sure yet what day I write to you guys... I guess I´ll find out soon! BUT I had to let you know I am at the MTC! It´s pretty amazing! I got really excited once we got here! Some Elders started singing hymns to us when we pulled up. It was pretty awesome! I think there are about 300 missionaries at the MTC right now.
I got my first companion! Her name is Hermana Larson! I met her for like 30 seconds and then I had to come and email you. So I don´t know anything about her. Haha! Ally is here and doing great! She loved the bracelet :) We are having fun together. We aren´t in the same house... but she´s in the one right next to me! There´s another girl that flew with me that is going to Fort Collins. Her name is Hermana Luke.
Let´s see... We almost missed our connecting flight from LA to Mexico... That was scary! We literally boarded when the plane was supposed to take off. The flight from SLC was delayed... So we were racing around LAX and barely made it! Haha!
Everyone seems super nice! I was feeling pretty freaked out on the plane, but as soon as we got on the bus and came to the MTC I got really excited!! I miss you all so much already! Pero, yo soy muy emocionada! Haha ;) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to spend more time writing to you guys and give you details on what is happening here! TE QUIRO!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Mangum :)

Bittersweet to say goodbye!

Wowza! She is walking away...

She wasn't by herself for long! They picked up Ally in LAX and headed to Mexico City - let the mission begin!!!

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