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Cow Tongue Tacos, Yes, I Said Cow Tongue Tacos - July 28, 2104

Hey guys -

Another great week here in Fort Collins! I love it here! 

So... I had tacos de lengua (cow tongue tacos) on Wednesday... Oh boy! Elsa made them for us. I heard they can be good, depending on who cooks them and Elsa is a great cook! So I was thinking they were going to be good... but... I didn't like them! They were hard to chew and the whole time I just kept thinking I have a cow's tongue in my mouth! I could still see some of the taste-buds on them.... yikes! But it is part of the mission experience to try new foods, right?

Speaking of Elsa, we had several great lessons with her this week! The best news, though, is that she has committed to being baptized on August 16th!!!!!! Wahoo :) And some missionaries in our zone had a baptism on Saturday, so we invited Elsa to come with us. It was all in English but she still came. It was awesome! People were so nice to her! No one else could speak spanish there, but they still came up and introduced themselves and thanked her for coming. It was awesome and she felt so loved! It was so cool!!! 

So great news about John! He is being baptized this week! On Saturday!! Yay! Please keep him in your prayers! But let me actually back up further... So Hermana Stratford's year mark is in a couple of weeks, so we called President and got permission to go to the temple! Wahoo!! So we are actually going on her birthday, August 19th, and Christine Bowman (John’s Mom) is going to take us! We are so excited! So then, a couple of days ago Hna. Stratford and I were reading in Preach My Gospel, Chapter 3 Lesson 5, and I got this thought! We should go early to the temple  on the 19th for Hna. Stratfords year mark, and do baptisms for the dead with John who will already be a member by then because he will have been baptized! I was really excited about this! I told Hna. Stratford and she liked it too :) So we went over and told John. He is a stubborn kid and super sarcastic, haha,  but when I told him we wanted him to come to the temple with us, he got this smile on his face and this light in his eyes! I am so excited! I think it got him more excited about being baptized! Also, tomorrow we have a great lesson planned! We have asked Richard Cornwall (who was the man who had the chemistry explosion accident a couple of months ago) to come with us and testify how the Gospel has blessed his life! I am so excited! It is going to be great :) Then John will be baptized on Saturday!!! It is going to be the best week!!!!! 

Things are going so well right now! I love it here and I love the people I am teaching! I love Hermana Stratford! I love this Gospel! I love being a missionary! Lennon! You are leaving in a few hours to Baltimore! Oh boy! I am soooooooooooooooooo excited for you! You will absolutely LOVE it! I keep bragging about you to everyone :) When I say there is no greater joy than sharing the Gospel with others, I MEAN IT! There truly isn't! I can't wait for you to experience it! I know the church is true because of the great and overwhelming feeling of love and peace and happiness I feel as I share my testimony with others! I love you all so very very much! I am praying for you! Please pray for my investigators and less-actives (especially the spanish group) that they will feel Heavenly Father's love and guidance. 

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah :)

P.S. I found out this week that one of our less-actives, Enrique, has Leukemia... will you please keep him in your prayers too!!! 


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