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17 Visitors at Church on Sunday!!! - July 14, 2014

Hey-ho everybody :)

Where to even begin... So much has happened! 

So, on Wednesday we were over at Elsa's having a lesson when we were just getting ready to leave and she mentioned that she was going over to her daughters to eat menudo.  Hna. Stratford immediately let her know that I had never had menudo before... UGH!! Do you all know what menudo is??? It is the lining of cow stomach!!! Sick Nasty!!! Haha! So Elsa insisted that I should go to her daughters house and try it... I was so nervous!!! I don't want cow stomach inside of my stomach!! haha! But we walked over and I did it! I ate the menudo... I guess it really depends on how it is cooked and who cooks it... it wasn't terrible... not my favorite and I would never ever voluntarily eat it! The texture was weeiiirrd! But it was better than I was expecting :) Hna. Stratford has had some pretty terrible menudo before, but this was tasty according to her!

I was attacked by a dog this week too! But not in a ferocious kind of way... We went to contact a less active spanish member and their dog was outside and it kept wrapping itself around my leg and “you know what-ing” me! Over and over! It didn't matter how many times I would push him off or try and shake him off of my leg, that dog was wrapped tightly around me and would not let go! The less active wasn't home but her non-member live-in boyfriend was there and was dying of laughter!!! It was so funny!! He couldn't even talk. He was actually crying bc he was laughing so hard! It was pretty hilarious! But I was completely violated. Haha!! 

We were tracting in a trailer park this week and knocked on a door. Some lady yelled from inside, "Who is it" we respond awkwardly... "Missionaries"... She yelled, "Come in!" We looked at each other wondering if we should or not and she yelled it again... so we opened the door and she freaked out! Haha!! She obviously did not hear us right! haha! It was really funny! She wasn't mad, just shocked! #missionaryworkisawkward!

We were tracting in this same park and this guy answered and he immediately told us he believes what the native Americans believe, when they say that Christ came to the Americas and visited the people here. And we were like, DUH! That is what we believe!! Haha! So we told him we have an ancient record that is from the Native Americans and it talks about when Christ came! He seemed pretty shocked and then not sure how to get us off his porch. haha! But we finally convinced him to take the Book of Mormon and to read 3 Nephi 11 :) He said he would! It was pretty cool!

Also, I got a terrible migraine on Tuesday night. We ended up coming home early... It came out of no where... ugh! So our District Leader, Elder Olson, came to give me a blessing. So sweet! I love him! He is a great missionary! I mentioned that my year mark was the next day so as he was leaving our house ,he chucked a $20 bill at my face and told us to go out to lunch. I tried to give it back but he would not take it. So SWEET!!!! So we went to Noodles and Co :) As you know, one of my personal favs :) Haha! We also hit up the Waffle truck this week - life has been goooooooood :)

Ok, now onto the good stuff!!!! 

We had an amazing lesson with John Bowman on Tuesday! Oh!! Fantastic! We have been trying really hard to help him recognize answers from Heavenly Father. He was waiting for some Aw-ha moment to know the church was true and for a very specific answer! So our last few lessons we have been really trying to help him open his eyes and to READ from the BOM because that is where God talks to us. So, as we were talking to him, he all nonchalantly tells us that he was reading in Helaman 6:3 and he got his answer that this is God's church! This is what the scripture says...

"Nevertheless, the people of the church did have great joy because of the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God, which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great joy."

He did it! He finally got his answer :) So we committed him to baptism for July 19th. But Christine made us move it back to Aug 2nd because her family will be in town. But it doesn't matter! He is really going to do it! We also had a member of our ward, Bro. Williams, who is the 1st counselor in the Bishopric come and share his conversion story. IT was awesome! John ate it up!! He said EVERYTHING John needed to hear! And at the very end, he told John, "Once you know, don't wait". And John just had told us he knew! Amazing!!! So August 2nd baby! Please keep him in your prayers :) 

Another wonderful miracle... We had Elsa and her daughter Rosie come to the church on Saturday for a tour. IT was amazing!!! The spirit was strong! We were able to show them around the building and explain what we do during the 3 hours and where it happens. We ended in the chapel. The spirit was tangible; it was so strong! We taught lesson 3 (the gospel of Jesus Christ) while in there and explained the sacrament and it was awesome! Elsa told us when she goes to new places she is not familiar with, she gets scared and nervous, but she was overwhelmed with peace and happiness there!!! :) Ah!!! It was amazing! One of my favorite lessons probably overall from my mission. Top 5 for sure! 

Then at church!!! Oh!! This was by far the most successful Sunday I have had! Our Spanish group, which usually is about 5 or 6 people had 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had 9 less actives that we teach who came church!!!!!!!! and 2 Investigators AND Mike (niki and mike) and Scott (bowman) came to church too :) It was awesome!!!! Mi corazon fue muy llena!!!!! :) I was flying on cloud 9 all day yesterday!! Carlos came! Anthony came! Some other less-actives that I haven't mentioned to you before, Maria, Joaquin, our investigator Miguel, and we got a new investigator yesterday who came with a member, her name is Carmen :)

MILAGROS!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father is looking over the Spanish group in Fort Collins :) 

So, needless to say, it was a great week!!! Transfers are this Saturday!! I really do think I am going to stay with Hna Stratford again and I really hope so!! So please pray that that is what happens! I am not ready to leave!!! 

I love you all so so much!!! :) Thanks for everything! I wouldn't be here without you :) Lennon, I am so happy to hear you are doing good! Your letters give me strength! and build my testimony of this great work!! Our family is so blessed to have 2 of us out at the same time serving the Lord and inviting others to come unto Christ!!! The church is TRUE!! And I can't wait for you to go to Baltimore and help the people there :) 

Les Extrano muchisimo :)

-Hermana Hannah

Pics with Niki and Mike 

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