Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Baptism! - August 4th, 2014

Hey hey hey :)

It has been a long week and honestly quite hard. I know it was hard because Satan was working overtime on us because of John's baptism. It got really difficult! All of our lessons and appointments (including our dinner appointments) were falling through! Everyone was canceling or wasn't home... It was really hard for Hna. Stratford and me. But we endured to the end! Ha! And after John was baptized, things got a lot better :)

Before I tell you about the baptism, let me tell you about a couple of other things that happened this week :)

First, we have had some CRAZY rainstorms!!!! Like insane! The rain was coming down so fast and so hard! Driving in it was scary! I was praying the whole time. The streets were so flooded... Colorado has a terrible drainage system! 

Second, we went and contacted a lady in our Stake from Peru to get her to come to our Spanish group. We stopped by her house and she had just made some authentic Peruvian food and gave us some to take with us :) We decided, on our way home, to stop by Sister Rust's and share the food with her. When she opened the door we showed her the food and she freaked out! she said that she was starving but couldn't leave the house to go and get any food because of a spider bite she had on her face. She was saying "you are my angels! Thank you for listening to the Holy Ghost!" We went into her kitchen and ate the delicious food! oh man! So good! It was rice and chicken cooked in pesto and YUMMY! It was great to be an answer to her prayers :) Thank you to our Peruvian sister!

On Tuesday, Richard Cornwall come to our lesson with John. It was awesome! Richard is the man in our ward who lost his sight and received lacerations all over his face and body from a chemistry explosion. He is doing so much better now! Still a lot to recover from, but his sight is coming back :) Miracles! So he came and we talked about Enduring to the End. It was so great! Richard had so many wonderful things to say. He has had a really hard life! But is the perfect example of staying in the boat when the waves are crashing! Seriously, the gospel is the ONLY way to over come hardships!!! Something I loved that he said was how "enduring" sounds really hard and how he likes to say "Enjoying to the End" instead. Because there is something to be learned in everything we go through in this life and we can look for the good and try and ENJOY. We can also learn to just enjoy life even when it is good. It reminded me of Elder Uchdorft's talk this last conference about being grateful in every circumstance. It is sooooooooo true! Something I am still learning. But the lesson was great :)

NOW ON TO THE REALLY GOOD STUFF!!! John's Baptism! Ah! John Charles Bowman was baptized! I feel so honored and blessed and grateful to have been able to teach him and get to know him and become such great friends with him! It was a long road to get him here, but he did it and I am so proud of him! And I know that Heavenly Father is too! His baptism was on Saturday, August 2nd at 4:00 :) The program was wonderful. John looked soooooooooo amazing in white! His grandparents gave the talks and did such a good job! I love them! I call them grandma and grandpa :) haha!! When John got in the font (which we made sure was very warm ;) haha!) he looked so great! My heart was so filled with love for him and joy and happiness! When he got out and changed, he came and sat down next to me and I asked him how he felt and he said "I feel too clean" haha!! He was confirmed right after. We got permission to do that instead of during sacrament meeting. We had a family dinner with him and his grandparents and sister and aunt and uncle and parents. It was awesome :) AND HERMANA SMITH GOT TO COME!!

Then on Sunday he was sustained a member and ordained to the Priesthood :) Oh man! It was awesome! Christine was sooooo happy! She leaned over and said to us, "I finally have a Priesthood holder in my home." That was so exciting to hear! Her husband is not a member. I am so so so happy they have the priesthood in their home now too ;) 

So despite the hard times this week, John's baptism made it so worth it!!! I love that boy! And I know that it is THESE moments that truly testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and makes me so overjoyed and grateful to be a missionary!!! 

I love you all so very much!!!! 


Hermana Mangum :)

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