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I am 22 years old!! - June 9, 2014

So, let me start by telling you what is happening with TRANSFERS!!!!! I am staying in Fort Collins! I am really happy about that! Hermana Smith is being transferred to Cheyenne :( That was a short companionship!! I got to be comps with her two times, but only for six weeks each. My new companion is Hermana Stratford. She is really cute. I served with her a little bit when I was in Greeley. She is 6'2"! So even taller than Lennon! Ha! I think it will be a good transfer :) 

So I have a lot to talk about this week! 

Monday: We went to contact more people on the Stake directory that have Spanish names. We went to one house and this guy answered. He was pretty terrifying looking! No shirt on, covered in tattoos, nasty big nipple piercings, long goatee... you get the idea. But we talked to him forever! We just talked outside in the driveway and he smoked the whole time. Every time he finished a cigarette he'd whip another one out. He told us about he doesn't believe in a God. But believes in the Big Bang Theory and in energy. And then he told us about one time he did these heavy drugs from Peru that are totally illegal here and about his experience. It was crazy! And made me extremely grateful for the gospel!! It is simple and pure!!

Tuesday: So, for part of our Just Serve projects we do service at Catholic Charities. It is awesome :) We cook lunch for the homeless and feed it to them! It is so great! Now when I am driving down the street or at the library I recognize all the homeless people (some you can't really tell are homeless). It is very cool, I love it. And we are making great friendships with the cutest older couple who volunteer there. Dick and Jane. Yep. That is really their names. Ha! I want to teach them so bad! I had a cool experience there this week. There was a lady there who was community service, i think for a DUI. She started talking to Hna Smith and me and told us how her husband committed suicide a year ago. She started crying and it was really sad. She was really worried about her kids who are in their early teens. I kept getting the feeling I need to tell her God loves her and her kids and is very aware of them. But we are not allowed to preach at all on these service projects. We are only there to help but I felt so inspired just to reach out a little to her. But I got nervous and then she left... It was eating at me! And then not even 1 minute later she ran back inside to grab her coffee that she left. Here was my chance! Heavenly Father trusted me to try again! I am so grateful he did because I went up and told her and she just cried and gave me a big hug! I felt so much better after! I am grateful for the Holy Ghost! It is so important to act on those promptings! I am grateful I got another chance! 

Later that night we were visiting Raul, 13 year old RC :) He is adorable! As we were leaving his trailer we saw a less active spanish speaker we have been trying to contact! Talk about meant to be! So we talked to her in front of the dumpster in the trailer park and she told us how she was having a hard time with her sister in law who is staying with her and her husband right now. We were able to share D&C 121:7-8 :) It was awesome! She was super nice! We made huge progress with her! I hope she lets us in to visit! She says she is not interested in being involved with the church right now... but Heavenly Father put us in her path for a reason! 

Wednesday: We were helping a family move. Oh my goodness. There were 5 days late in getting out of their house! The landlord was really mad at them. There was so much contention between the husband and wife. He was so hard to handle. He abuses her. He has broken her nose, cheats on her, says terrible things to her, and always in trouble with the law. SO sad! WHile we were there though, his mom was sitting in her car and called me over to talk to her. She was this little large lady with a deep raspy voice! She was smoking the whole time I talked to her. I talked to her forever! She started telling me how she loves the show 19 Kids and Counting and Little People Big World. Hahaha! SHe loves them because these are real people with good moral values and you can't watch anything these days that does. She tried to relate that to us and how impressed she was with our values and for coming on missions. She asked me what Mormons believe. So I took went and grabbed a Book of Mormon out of the car and gave it to her and taught her Lesson 1. (Hna Smith was helping with the move so I was teaching by myself). IT went really well. She seemed interested :) It was neat!

Friday: MI CUPLEANOS :) So, we got up at 5:00am and went to this donut shop that was giving away free donuts! How perfect! And then we (with Sister Cardon and Sister Heintz) headed up the mountain to go and hike Horsetooth!! Oh My Goodness!! It was beautiful!! I want to take you all on this hike some day!! It was pretty hard, but gorgeous! It was 5 miles total :) Once we got to the top, oh, it was breathtaking! I opened your gifts and then we did our studies up there and it was so great! Then we hiked down and ran home and showered. We met the YSA sisters, Sister Hutto and Sister Haas for lunch at Fat Shack! MAX I am taking you here! You would love it! It was actually really good :) I was surprised! I got the Fat Doobie hamburger, it had french fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers and jalapeno poppers on it:) And Hna Smith got the Fat Donkey Lips! haha! It was also delicious! We ate fried oreos for dessert :) Haha!! Don't know that I will be going back anytime soon... but it was totally worth it!!! 

Hna Smith surprised me and took me to the cutest boutique in old town where she bought me a bracelet :) SO sweet!! Then we had dinner at Red Lobster with a family from the ward. How much food can a missionary eat - goodness! It was the first time I have eaten there and it was so good :) Next on the agenda was visiting the Enriquez family. Their daughter came running down the stairs and said "Mom! Zaden needs surgery! He stuck a lego up his nose!" hahahaha!!! Poor thing was in so much pain! So we actually went to urgent care with them! Ha! IT was so funny! They got the lego out but he sure was one unhappy kid. Ha! It was quite the adventure :) And the night was not done, we got a call from the YSA sisters who asked us to quick stop by the institute and they had a little surprise party for me. I am a lucky loved hermanita!

Saturday: The Elders had a baptism. President and Sister Brown were there. A lady in our ward gave one of the talks. She whipped out a cake and started frosting it during the talk.... ummmm - what?! The frosting was really thick so she sprayed some water on it and she likened the water to baptism... oh my goodness! It was different for sure. I will have to give you more details about it later. But I could tell President Brown was not liking it!

We got transfer doctrine that night... what, no more Hermana Smith :( I am sad, but it is going to be a good transfer. And Hna Smith and I will be together again soon as normal people in Provo living together! Wahoo :) So it will be fine! I am excited for my new adventure and new comp :) It will be fun to finally be the one in charge of the area! Ha! 

Love you all!!!! :)

Hannah :)

Here are a ton of pictures :) You will figure out what they are!

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