Thursday, June 26, 2014

A week full of teaching and service - June 16, 2014

Hello good family :)

It has been a good week - the start of another transfer! The first week of transfers is always stressful... but it was good :)Tuesday was a long day! Saying good bye to Hermana Smith was hard. But it's ok because we are going to have many more adventures ahead of us when we go home :) Roommates we will be!! We got plans!

On Wednesday we had a great lesson with John Bowman! We read from Ether 2 and 3 and committed him to be baptized July 12th. We are going to work really hard to make it happen for him :) We went back over again yesterday and did this really cool object lesson about faith and the atonement. You have someone hold a tea bag in their hands and then you light it on fire and right when you think it is going to burn you, it disappears and goes away! it is really cool!! It was Hna. Stratford's idea and the Bowman family really liked:) We are going to try and start teaching John's Dad, too, this week. We have been building up a pretty good relationship with him and so I think he might be willing to :) I am excited to let you all know next week what he says!

We went over to contact a part member family and they let us in. The Dad and the daughter, who is 17 are members, but the Mom and the younger 2 daughters are not. And one of them is old enough to be baptized. The Dad was sleeping and their Mom was taking a shower, but we taught Jamie (the member) and Ashley her sister. They are so cute! And Ashley was so darling and begged us to come back and teach her more. We are going back tonight :) I am really excited to teach her and hopefully we can start teaching their Mom this week too!

We were trying to contact a member on our ward list in the Spanish group, who had actually moved, but the lady who lives there let us right in! Her name is Gabby and she is a born-again Christian. She told us she was in prison and had completely turned her life around and found Jesus. She got out and now has 2 DARLING little girls! We have a return appointment with her tonight and I am really excited for it :) 

We also were able to get a lesson in with Mercedes, an investigator Hna. Smith found before I came into the area that we never had luck getting a hold of. But we were able to teach her and it went so well!! The spirit was really strong! Mercedes was crying. I can't wait to teach her more! She has a lot of potential! 

We found another less active Spanish speaker this week. His name is Anthony. He hasn't been to church in years. He is really cool! We are going to start to make weekly visits over there and read to him because he doesn't know how to read :)

There was another “raccoon scare” at the Leach's! Haha!! They can really do some damage - Mom, remember the awful bunny story when we lived at Brian’s?? They are vicious. Duane ran out with a gun to hunt it down! haha! It was hilarious! Also this week we did service for Farmer Joe. He is not a member, but his sister is one of the Relief Society Presidents in the stake. He was super nice. He is only 26 years old. We caught chickens and pulled weeds. And he apparently grows pot on his farm... we found some... I accidently pulled it out and then quickly realized what it was... hahaha!! You remember I am serving in Colorado, right?? haha!

I am so happy to hear Lennon's farewell went so well!! The pictures were absolutely beautiful!! I am so excited for you Lennon!! Next time we email, you will be an Hermana in Mexico!!! What?! You are going to be such a great missionary!! The spirit is glowing from you in all the pictures from your farewell. You are going to love every minute of your mission! It will change your life! You will be forever changed for the better! You will learn so much about yourself, about the gospel, about people and about life. Good luck with everything this week! You will do great!! 


Love you all!!!

-Hermana Mangum :)

1. Mangum and Strattford
2. My expression when I weeded an interesting plant :$
3. Hermana Stratfford chasing chickens
4. Way to go Hermana Heintz!!
5. Watch out raccoons!  

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