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Slow, but GREAT week - October 21, 2013

So, I don't know that I have too much to write about this week... It has been a good week, super long! We have done service just about every day! We went back and did more service for Carol and are going back again tomorrow! I LOVE HER SO  MUCH!! We are going to give her a Book of Mormon tomorrow and I am so excited!!! She started asking us questions about genealogy and the temple last week. It was a good conversation :) She told us that since we came to help her she has had so many miracles happen in her life. She would be a golden investigator! She is ready for the gospel! She loves me so much! She calls me sister hannah... haha! (she asked for my email and saw my first name and so she calls me sister hannah. it is super cute!) Sometimes she calls me Sister Mangum. 

We have done a lot of service up at this house in the small mountain town. You literally have to hike to get to their home! And their house got covered in mud! so we have been unburying it - literally!! It has been hard work! But great!! I am so happy to be helping them!

This week I had dinner with a family whose daughter and husband are kind of taking the missionary discussions. The daughter was raised a member but has left the church, and her husband has taken discussions on and off for the last 2 years. He told us that he used to be the OG of his gang. (The OG is the leader of the gang) He became the leader when he was 14!!!! I think he really does believe the church is true, he just needs time. And he also doesn't understand why bad things happen to good people. He has a lot of friends who have been shot and killed from gangs and he doesn't get why God would let that happen. The Elders are teaching him, I hope it goes well!! Keep him in your prayers :) 

This week we had stake conference. Have you guys had yours yet? I got to go to the adult session and it was great! :) And then at stake conference we got a new stake presidency so 2 members of the 70 were there! Elder Wright, and Elder Schwarts. They spoke in the adult session and on sunday! They were EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They talked a lot about member missionary work. Family, I have come to realize how important it is for members to do missionary work! So please look for opportunities to share the gospel right now!!! I know you will be blessed for your efforts! :)

 I hope gma is doing ok! please let her know i love her and i am praying for her!!! 

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Sorry, this was kind of a lame email... I apologize for that! haha! I will do better next week! :)


Origami with President and Sister Brown - haha! We think we are pretty creative and funny!!

Ridiculously beautiful sunsets here!!


Sister Mangum and Sister Jarvis,
Hello from Broomfield!  Last night your missionaries came by which is always a treat for us at the Kaiser home.  We took a few photos.  Here are a couple that turned out on my camera.  The first photo I am wearing heels, the second photo I am not.  As I stood in between your missionaries and noted the height difference I can tell you that their height in stature is not only about their physical bodies.  They are wonderful people and I love serving with them.  I know they are dedicated and hard working. They care about making a difference and doing their very best every day.  You should be so proud.  Keep encouraging them and send them your love.  That's what they need from you.  The Lord is mindful of them and you as you miss them.  I totally understand as I miss my daughter as she also serves the Lord in California.  I can't wait for our daughters to meet each other some day.  They will find instant friendship just like I did.
Kendra Kaiser

Sister Kaiser with heals :)

Sister Kaiser with NO heals :)


Dear Sister Diane Mangum,
You have a wonderful daughter on a mission in Colorado. She is showing her testimony as well as work ethic and more as she serves here in the Broomfield Third Ward. I know it was probably hard to send her in some ways and great in others, so I hope to help with the ease of having her gone by seeing a little of what she's involved in with the flood relief efforts. I only have a small window into that, but I will share.
Look for the stories and videos in the last few posts on my blog I put up as part of my calling in public affairs. There's a clip of Sister Mangum and three other Sisters in the video, "Serving in the Colorado flood relief efforts."
As Light Shines
I have pictures to share, too, but they are large files. I will send one with this message and others separately.
With love and gratitude,
Shirley Scoville

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