Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hey FAM!!! Where to start??? First of all, I AM STAYING IN BROOMFIELD WITH HERMANA JARVIS FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS :) I am really happy to be staying!! I love this ward so much and I LOVE the Engstrom's! But I do really want to get to a Spanish area!!!! Next transfer :) 

So this morning we get a phone call and the lady asks for me... I answer the phone and she says, "Hannah it's Aunt Necia!" I was in shock!!!! Haha! She, like you told me in your email, is in town to visit Laurel and then Kristen in Denver and has the packages you sent me! THERE ARE PERKS HAVING COUSINS THAT LIVE 2.5 MILES FROM THE TOWN YOU ARE SERVING IN ON THE MISH!!! So we are meeting up for lunch right after I finish emailing you!! :) I am SO EXCITED to see them!! It is kinda fun that I went to see Laurel on her mission and now they get to come see me! :) I was pretty young, but I totally remember driving across the country to help Brad and Jane and stopping to see her. Also, my Bishops wife, Sister Reed told me she got a call from Laurel wanting to make sure I was ok when all of the flooding was happening! haha! I loved hearing that :) My family has got my back!!!

Sister Engstrom is going to Provo on Wednesday and wants to meet you!! She gave me her number and email to give to you so you could all set up a time to meet. Maybe you could send her with my winter coats and boots!!! It is starting to get chilly here! I am so excited for you to meet her!! She is absolutely amazing! And I know you 2 will be great friends and get along really well!!!!! Last week she showed me some of your art stuff on your facebook! She absolutely LOVES all of your art and is so impressed!! It was really fun to see! She also showed me the video of your preschoolers destroying the legos! hahaha!! I loved it! So fun to see! And she got on the blog, which was really fun to see my letters and pictures on there! :) Thanks for keeping that updated!!

So this week we did a lot of service! We helped out with a 5K run which was a lot of fun! Got a free t-shirt :) Thats always great! haha! And then we did a lot of service in homes. We helped some really cool people! There are just so many wonderful people in the world and I am learning that more and more on my mission! We helped this really cool couple who had the cutest house! Mom you would have loved it!! They wife is awesome and made their table and their banister for their stairs. It was like Swedish country heaven! :) Then we helped this really cool guy David! He was awesome!!!! He had tons of autographed pictures and things from famous athletes! He had gloves signed by Muhammad Ali!! (hence the title of this email) haha! He let us take pictures with them. He gave one of the Elders I was working with a signed picture of him! I guess Muhammad is his hero. He cried when David gave it to him! David had us write down our addresses. He wanted our home address though. So you might get a letter from him.

On saturday I had a cool experience. We met at the church in Boulder as a stake. We were told to be there at 8:30am. I thought it was just going to be missionaries there, but it was people from our entire stake! There were SO many people there in our yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests! It was amazing to see! Our church really is just amazing! The members are wonderful! It has been a blessing to be able to see so many people willing and wanting to help out with the flooding! It truly was amazing to see! They were taking pictures and videos of us! I think they might be posting them on their facebook page! So try and find that page!!! 

We got our assignment from the stake leaders and left for the house we were assigned to. It was in Longmont, which is actually outside of my area, but we got permission to go and help. They got hit REALLY bad! They had debris everywhere!!!!! Piles around their yard! So we hauled it all out to the street and in the dumpsters. It was a lot of work but really fun! We played some Gladys Knight from one of our cars and got to work! haha! My back was killing after! We literally picked up a tree! I will send you a pic of me and some other sisters holding it! haha! 

The man sitting next to me in the library just asked me why all of the mormon missionaries are in the library on monday mornings typing really really fast! hahahahahaha!!! He asked if we were spies and sending out info on people! haha! So I explained to him that we are just emailing our families and that we only get to that once a week and so we type really fast so we can finish telling them about our week. haha! It was really funny! He was super nice! 

Anywhooo... Sister Kaiser told me a experince she had this week. She was dumpster babysitting and a lady came by with a load of things and Sister Kaiser gave her a number to call if she needs help. The lady told her that she has only gotten about 1 percent of her home cleaned out. And she got hit really bad! She is a single mom and has been hiring her self out to people to help with their homes so she could make some money. When Sister Kaiser told her that there were missionaries who could come to her home and help out for FREE the lady started to cry! I really hope I get to go to this lady's house and help her out! How sad and crazy! 

Mom, I had the thought during Women's Conference that you were watching it at the same time I was :) Wasn't it amazing! I was actually late to it... The Elders in our area had their very first baptism! So we got to go to that! It was amazing!!! Fun to see a real investigator baptism! So we figured that was a good and valid reason to be late :) haha! I LOVED the story President Monson told about the lady and the bread!! (it helped that it happened in Denver) haha! I have such a strong testimony of prayer! We need to always have a prayer in our hearts and praying for opportunities to serve others! That way we are open and receptive to the promptings of the spirit! And so we can bring homemade bread to those who really need it!! Ah! Such a wonderful story!

Mom... could you send me the Jesus the Christ books and the other books on that list I left (all 4 of those books, I think they come in a pack). I didn’t take them to Mexico because they weighed too much but I would really like them now. Thank you :) 

Max- I am so glad to hear you are feeling better bro!!!!! Keep getting better! Also, I am so happy to hear my baby Miss Phoebe is ok and that it was just a tooth ache! Please give her a big hug and kiss from me!!! :) 

Hermana Hannita Bonita :)

P.S. I played basketball with the Elders in my zone this week and I DOMINATED! I am not even lying, I was on fire! Draining 3's and I literally made every point but 1 for our team:) It was lots of fun! The Elder's were very impressed :) One Elder had me play one and one with him after! he won... but we don't need to focus on that :) haha!

Oh you know... just hauling off a tree! Typical day :)

Lift with the knees!! LIft with the knees!!

Yes, we hauled ALL of this STUFF!!!

The real deal - gloves signed by MUHAMMAD ALI :)

Floatin' like a butterfly and stingin' like a bee!!

The rewards after a hard days work :)

GREAT shot of my district

I am a true TBIRD!!!

Lennon - this one is for you! This little guy was just walking by the street :)

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