Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doing some Interior Design on the Mish!! - October 7, 2013

Hey fam!! It has been such a wonderful week!!! Where to begin... So I got to have lunch with Necia, Laurel, and Tiffany!!! It was so much fun to spend time with them and catch up on people in the family! They took us to Jimmy Johns :) It was great! They gave me the gifts and I LOVED THEM!!!!! Mom, I know in my letter that I sent with Sister Engstrom, I said how much I love my quilt, but I LOVE IT!!!! AND I WILL TREASURE IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! We watched conference at the church with some other missionaries and I took it with me and snuggled with it :) It is freezing in the church so it kept me warm and I felt like I was with you :) Also, pretty sure the way we met up with Necia was not really following the rules...  Maybe it was, I really don't know...since my cousin literally and practically lives next door and all, but it was super fun and totally worth it! haha :)

So this week we still did a lot of service! I don't know how much more we will be doing... I think for the next 2 weeks at least... Unfortunately we haven't had the chance to meet again with Kathleen... But we are going to call again this week and try and meet up with her! I will let you know how it goes :) We do have a potential investigator... Luis... Bro. Allred actually hooked us up with him. He speaks english, but his wife only speaks spanish. We really hope it all goes well!! Then I can get some spanish practice in!! We went over to meet with them at the beginning of the week, but Luis wasn't home and they had friends over. So we just said hello and introduced ourselves and hopefully we get to really teach them this week!!!! 

Also, this week I got to use my design skills!! :) It was super fun! We went to help a lady named Kim. We helped her right after the flood and hauled all of her furniture out of her house. We went back to help do some more cleaning. She had carpet and tile samples out... so of course I told her I have my degree in Interior Design and I offered to help her out. She jumped on that!! So we went in the other room and I helped her decide on carpets and tiles! It was so much fun!!! She loved everything I picked out and said she is going to do all of it!!! :) We also bonded over both having broken our tailbones... haha! I don't remember how it came up, but she wants to send me some article, so I gave her my address and I hope we can keep in touch! 

After helping Kim, we went back to Daryl's house. He is the one with the Original Eames Lounge Chairs. When he saw me walk in he said, "your’e the design student right!?" And then he told me that he was able to save the chairs!! YAY!!! He looked at the serial number on them and they are numbers 608 and 609. They are REAL ORIGINALS!! He loved that I appreciated them and knew what they were. He then got excited to show me everything they have in their house that he knew I would LOVE IT and he was RIGHT!!!. It was a day full of interior design fun!! It felt good to lend my help!!! :)

CONFERENCE!!! Oh my! I loved General Conference so much!!! It was fantastic! Probably my favorite conference ever! Probably because I actually paid attention the whole time and took notes :) I will be taking notes from now on! I learned so much! The leaders of this church are truly AMAZING! I know that this church is true! Even more after this conference! I LOVE President Monson! He is so amazing!!!!!!!! And all of the Apostles and other leaders! I did pick up on Elder Anderson talking about the Roberts! I got so excited!! And I think I caught when Elder Eyring talked about Kollin... I read his article BTW, wow!! The Gallands are amazing!  Also, I saw that Sister Esplin... Big Max's wife!!!, gave the opening prayer on sunday morning! That was neat!!! One of my favorite quotes from conference was, " You must become the rock the river cannot wash away." Brother Richard J. Maynes said that. I loved that! I loved his talk! I really loved all of the talks! One of the men who spoke, Arnulfo Valenzula, actually spoke to us at the CCM which was super fun :) I also really loved Elder Hollands talk, Elder Ballard, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Oaks, Elder Eyring, and Elder Anderson's. So pretty much everyones! Haha!! I loved how they talked about the importance of member missionary work! It is so true! We wouldn't have people to teach if it wasn't for the members in our ward! 

Also for conference, we had a little get together with the Spanish sisters in our zone! :) We made orange rolls! (isn't conference with out them!) bacon, sour dough bread with eggs, crepes, and... TRES LECHE!!!! We went all out!!!!! haha!!! :)

Mom... again... thank you SO MUCH for the package you sent with Necia, and for the boots and skirts!!!!! you seriously
are the BEST!!! I really could not have asked for a better mom!!! I am so blessed and lucky to have you!!! Don't worry, I am being safe! :)

Mom, I have also been having a lot of pain with my broken tailbone... I really need to get surgery when I get home! It hurts me at church still... and then when we did dumpster babysitting I sat on the ground, and I was in pain for a day and a half... It really hurt to walk for at least a half hour after I got up... not good. 

Ok, I think that is it... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Max- did you get my letter??


1. Me and Sister Cropper
2. Me and the gang!
3. Flood destruction
4. Colorado is breathtakingly beautiful
5. Thanks for the quilt - it is cold here!
6. Pillsbury Orange Rolls Forever!
7. Tres Leche
8. Me at the library emailing you!!


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