Monday, September 9, 2013

My week - September 4, 2013

Familia!!!!! So first of all, the reason I didn't write home yesterday was because all the libraries were closed for Labor Day... So I get to write to you today! Yay! Thank you for sending the package this week! Can't wait to get it! :) If it is possible, could you get my patriarchal blessing and shrink it and laminate it and send it to me so I can keep it in my scriptures? I would love you forever if you could do that!! Haha! 

Also, I am glad you guys were able to find the YouTube video of that song! It is a sweet song! A lady in my ward named Sister Kaiser (she is absolutely amazing, btw, and I think mom and Sister Kaiser would be great friends!). She filmed us singing at the Luau and asked for your email and is going to try and send it to you in the next couple of days! 

MOM- there is a family in my ward called the Deckers. He served in the same mission as you but a year later! His president was Green too! His wife is actually from Argentina and she thought maybe you would know her family because her Dad was the Stake President! Their last name is San Fernando. They were in the same ward as the Green's. I hope you know them! That would be so awesome!! We had dinner at their house on Sunday and she made Argentine empanadas! It made me feel at home :) 

This week we had dinner with a family named the Gray's. He is a chiropractor and he re-aligned all of the missionaries! I was super nervous... haha! But I did it and it felt amazing!! haha! My neck truly can turn further! It is crazy cool! 

We also went on exchanges this week. Sister Jarvis (not related to Hadley btw) is the Sister Training Leader. So, every week I go on exchanges with Sister Cropper (her companion is the other STL) and we were in the CCM together! So she loves it when we are companions and so do I. We went and found some former investigadores together (they are in a spanish area, so I get to use my Spanish when I am with her) in Boulder. I am actually on exchanges again right now and am emailing from Boulder! We found and talked to some formers in Spanish! We were terrified, because each of us has only been out for 3 weeks, but it was great! The Latin people are way more willing to listen to you and way nicer! We were really happy after and decided to tract in the area because there were tons of Latins there. It went great! 

Then we went to dinner... the family who fed us was so strange!!! I guess the weirdest thing happened after they said the prayer.  the family has a tradition that they all kiss after they pray... so they all kissed on the lips in front of us. The Dad was kissing his 12 and 9 year old daughters on the lips... and one daughter pulled away faster then he wanted and made her kiss him again... IT WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND NOT APPROPRIATE! I was pretty mad actually... it was so gross!! 

Also this week, we had to do a little biking... it is so hard in a skirt!!!!! The elders needed our car to get to a meeting so we borrowed their bikes. It was quite the adventure and I was so sore for days after! haha! So grateful to have a car for  most of the time! 
Last Friday we had a training meeting in Fort Collins. We were there for a couple of hours. It was great! I got to see Ally! I love her so much! But crazy thing... a blood vessel in her eye popped, she doesn't know how, and her eye is SUPER red! She had to go the ER, but looks like everything will be ok! Thank goodness!! After the meeting we went to Cafe Rio which was the greatest thing ever!! Made me feel at home again! There were SO many of us there! Eyes were definitely on us!! haha!

We also went tracting this week in Broomfield... It is so much harder in an English area! I was terrified and made sister Jarvis talk the whole time! haha! One guy answered the door and the apartment REEKED of pot!!!! He was funny, though, and we talked briefly and then left. A couple of minutes later he yelled from his apartment, "JESUS COME BACK TO ME!" I just wanted to get out of there!! haha!

Anyway, today, like I said, I am in Boulder on exchanges. We got a referral for a Spanish speaker from the Dominican Republic. He works at a grocery store. We went and found him and talked to him in Spanish and it actually went really well!! It made me really happy and excited to really be able to speak Spanish! I study every day, but it is hard to remember to speak in Spanish when you don't have to. Sister Jarvis and I are trying to get better at that!

This week was actually pretty hard! It felt like every visit we had set up fell through, people wouldn't let us in, and we have no real investigators. It really was rough! But on Sunday things started looking up, and the past 3 days have been good! Thank goodness! I needed it! We actually have a potential investigator from the Decker family! I hope it goes well! We are going to try and teach her this week! I will let you know how it goes next Monday! It will be the first "real investigator lesson" that I will have ever taught on my mission! Please pray for me!!!!! 

Well I think that is about it with my week... I am so sorry to hear about the Roberts family and Kollin Galland! SOOOO SAD!! I will definitely keep both of them in my prayers!! I hope Kollin is able to recover quickly! I will pray for a miracle! Keep me posted on him! 

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love your amazing sister, daughter, and host sister,
Herrrrrrrrrrrrrmana Hannah Mangum :)

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