Tuesday, September 17, 2013

EMERGENCY EMAIL HOME - September 13th (Floods!)

Hey Mom!!! 

President wanted us to get on and email home to let our families know that we are ok! Don't worry! It is really bad though!! Broomfield actually did not get hit too bad. But Boulder did!! Like super bad! Sister Engstrom told us 4 people have died and that over 550 people have been rescued by helicopter already! Bridges have been broken, dams have broken, water is EVERYWHERE! But, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to SERVE!! We spent the day in Boulder yesterday helping people take things out of their basements and vacuum up the water. Most of the basements have 2 feet of water! I used a Wetvac in One of the homes we went to yesterday! I’ve got SKILLS now- haha. I started talking to the lady, her name is Sister Stewart (she's 83). I told her I was from Provo, and she said she has family who lives there. She started naming off the names and guess what? Frosty Hansen is her nephew!!!!!! I said I KNOW FROSTY!!! Haha! So, please call him and tell him! :)

Today we are going back to Boulder and will spend the day helping people again! This really is such a great opportunity for us as missionaries, and I am so grateful to be apart of it!!! It feels so good to be a help!!!!

Don't worry about me!!! 

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