Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Name is on the "Exit" Board - Wow! Really? - December 8th, 2014

Hello my beautiful, wonderful family!! 

I had a great week!! It was busy busy busy, but simply amazing!! Filled with so many happy and wonderful miracles and blessings!

So last Monday, Sister Kaiser took Ally and I out to lunch with her daughter Chelsea and her friend, who have both been home from their missions for 3 weeks :) It was AWESOME!!!! They are so cute and I know we will all be good friends after the mission! It got me really excited to see how much your missionary service blesses you AFTER the mission! Chelsea and her friend just glowed!! I want that!! I want to still have the missionary glow when I return home! 

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Sisters in Longmont. They went SO well! I went with Sister Allen :) She is ADORABLE!!! I love her so much!! This is her second transfer in the field! She is so cute and a great missionary! We had a great time together!

Wednesday we had our Exit Interviews with President Brown. It was awesome!! We talked about the things I have learned on my mission and how it will bless me forever and how I can apply those things when I go home. He did talk about marriage and told me to not follow the white handbook when I go home, but to FLIRT haha!! And then told me to apply Preach My Gospel to my life when I go home and instead of using chapter 9 for "Finding people to Teach" I need to "Find people to Date". hahaha!! The interview was really amazing!! I left feeling SO happy and just on Cloud 9 :) I really love President Brown!

On Thursday we had our departing temple trip!! It was SO fantastic!! There were 14 of us there! The spirit was strong and I just felt so good and happy to be there! The session was wonderful! President and Sister Brown were awesome! Everyone was just so extra excited and happy!! After, we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and ate good food and stuffed ourselves on chips and salsa and flautas :) Haha!! Such a wonderful trip! I am so glad we got to end our missions that way!!

Friday we had MLC's. They were fabulous!! Really amazing!! I loved every minute of it! We talked and prepared for our Christmas devotional this upcoming week. I am so excited! It is going to be really amazing! And I will give my departing testimony there... Oh boy!! It really is all coming to an end... :( At MLC's I got a little overwhelmed. I just became really sad to be leaving. I LOVE IT HERE!! I love the other missionaries and President and Sister Brown! I love my investigators and ward members! I love being on a spiritual high all of the time. I am really going to miss it!

Saturday, the sisters in our ward had a baptism for Tina :) She is so cute and amazing!! The baptism just went so well!! I got to lead the music :) Haha! (We also visited more investigators and members, helped decorate a Christmas tree and a ton of other things I am remembering now but forgot to mention earlier - busy busy Hermanas))

Then on Saturday night we had our ward Christmas Party. It was AWESOME!! Super classy and fun and cute! The food was delicious and lots of people were there! BUT... I did experience one of my most embarrassing moments ever A sister fromf our Spanish group decided right before to have all of the Hermanas  go up and sing "Drummer Boy" in Spanish. Just a spur of the moment decision There was no practicing...  So we get up there and to say it was a disaster is an understatement! It was SO off key!! And even WAY off tempo!! No one would start singing when they were supposed to... our rom pom pom poms were SO off!! I was just laughing by the end because it was so terrible. I would occasionally put my head up to catch very concerned looks in the audience.. I just had to finish with my head down out of pure embarrassment. It was bad family. It was bad! haha!! 

On Sunday, Brother Gourgouris b-lined straight for me after Sacrament meeting and asked me to give a talk next week since it is my last week. I tried to get out of it by saying "Sure, I would love to bare my testimony! Great idea! I would be honored". But he made it clear he wanted it to be a talk... ha! Ally has already spoken in this ward when she first got here like 4 or 5 months ago. And since she was the one who threw me under the bus to speak, I threw her under too. And then we decided to throw the other 2 sisters under as well!! So now we only need to give 7 minute talks :) I am actually really excited and think it will be really amazing!! And it is great prep for my homecoming talk :) 

Well family, I love you all so much!! I am so grateful for this Christmas season! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I am grateful I get to really remember Him every moment while serving Him as a missionary. He truly is the GIFT!!! 

Have the best week ever!! And I will see you all the just 1 week :) Ah!!!!


Hermana Hannah Mangum :)

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