Sunday, December 14, 2014

3 Thanksgiving Dinners - December 1, 2014

Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!!!

It has been a great week! I just love this time of year! I love Thanksgiving!! Such a good time to remember all the blessings we have :) There is just magic in the air!

So, good news, I FINISHED MY TRUNKY PAPERS!! Feels so good to have them done! Big weight off the shoulders! Especially with all we have to do these next 2 weeks. 

And... we got a new investigator this week!!! She is a referral from la familia Monreal :) #ilovemembermissionaries We made contact with her a couple of weeks ago and she had to cancel but we went over to help Andolfo with his homework and she was at their house. We were able to start to teach her and we have another appointment set up with her for wednesday! I am so happy!

Monday we had to move out of the Davis' for the week because they had a bunch of family in town for Thanksgiving. So we house-sat a members home while they were gone for the holiday. It actually ended up working perfectly because we just got a new set of sisters in our ward and they didn't have housing yet so we all crashed together for the week and it was super fun!! We moved back to the Davis' last night :) It is good to be back!

A great member of our ward took us to dinner at Carrabbas this week! So yummy :) She is just amazing!! I love her so much!! She has the cutest little boy ever!  Anyway, she wants to go to the temple with us on the 18th Mom, when you come to get me!! She has never gone to the temple before and wants to receive her endowments!! I am so excited! it is going to be great!!!

Thanksgiving was awesome!! Our ward started their first-ever, now annual Turkey Trot! It was really fun!! Betty came with us :) Then we had district meeting, which was great. We also visited M and D in the afternoon. They didn't have any plans. Lots of crazy things going on in their lives right now. Really just broke our hearts. But they are so grateful still!! Just simply amazing people! 

We actually had 3 Thanksgiving dinners!! Our first was with Sister Bench and her family! There were about 30 people there and it was so much fun!! We mostly just chatted with everyone and they were hilarious! It was great! 

Our second dinner was with the Bishop! I love Bishop McMurtrey! He seriously is the most giving man I know! And he is hilarious too! He reminds me a lot of Bishop Svendson!! So, Bishop had like 30 people over as well, none of which were family. All people from the ward and friends who had no where to go. So sweet!! It was so much fun and the food was delicious!! We loaded up a ton of plates with food from his house and doorbell ditched it at M and D’s :) No one deserved it more than them. Wish we could have done more!! 

Then we had dessert at the McDonalds house :) Great way to end the day!! It was super fun! They had family in town and it was fun to get to know them!! 

On Friday we did our first exchange of the 5 we have to do. I was with Sister Heintz here in Boulder :) So fun! We had a great time! She and her companion got swept into our ward and so it was great to be able to help her get to know people and get more info on the ward members. 

Then on Saturday I had my second exchange with good ol' Sister Johnson in Louisville. It was a blast! Had a lot of success contacting atont of people! She also made me a shirt that says "I heart Sister Johnson" Hahaha!! 

Sunday was great! But, I was completely exhausted by the time it rolled around! haha! I am just glad it is Pday so I can relax a little bit because we have SO much going on this next week!!! But it will be wonderful!! 2 exchanges, ward christmas party, MLC's, help with the Sister's baptism on Saturday (because it was the Elder's investigator) and we helped teach her, and also lots of service planned for the ward! Gonna be busy! But great! I am excited :) 

I love you all!!! Mom, thanks so much for the wonderful package!!! Made my day!! The cookies were fabulous!!! They didn't last long for me either! With a house of 4 sisters we pretty much devoured them!!! Hahaha!!! You're the best!! I love you family!!! 


Hermana Mangum Sr. :)

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