Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Preaching the Word in Gas Stations - October 20, 2014

Greetings :)

This has been an exhausting week!! First week of new transfers always feels long... But it has been great! So fun to be reunited with Ally!! And so fun to be back in Boulder! I can't believe it has been a year since I was here last! Time flies!! And it is just beautiful here! Fall in Boulder is just lovely!!

Saying goodbye to people is terrible!! I miss Fort Collins and the people I love so much there!! Sending more pics this week of my last days in FoCo.

1. I love Denae soooooo much!
2. The fab Morgans
3. The Elders
4. Fort Collins Ladies :)
5 - 7. THE BOWMANS!!

So one of fun things that happened this week was getting to go back to Bead for Life to do service! It was one of my favorite service projects of my mission! So it is great to be back! And also, we went and visited Frosty Hansen's aunt and uncle this week! haha! Small world! 

And then some sad news... The Longmont Spanish area got closed. The stake dissolved their Spanish group! The Hermanas there are just heartbroken and now don't know what to do with their investigators and the members they have been working with. We got a phone call yesterday from a member that lives there asking what time our meetings started and is planning on driving to Boulder to come to church... So it is kinda crazy with that whole situation right now.

We had a really cool experience on Wednesday! We went to go and fill our car up with gas before meeting with our zone leaders about what our trainings needed to be on for our zone meeting. and we decided to run inside and get a coke :) the lady at the register asked if we worked in Boulder and I told her we were Mormon missionaries and she got so excited! She told us she just recently found Christ again after a long battle of drug addictions etc.  She basically just confessed her whole life story to us (which happens all the time as missionaries... haha) So, we we gave her our phone number and said we would come back later that day and give her an invitation to our ward Halloween party hoping she and her kids would come. She was so excited!!! As we left I told her she had a beautiful testimony and that the light of Christ shown from her face. And she just started to cry and said she knew the God sent us to her. It was SO cool! So we went and got a Halloween invitation and a Book of Mormon and went back later and shared a scripture with her and it was just awesome! She is super excited to meet with us! We called her yesterday and we have an appointment set up for Friday afternoon!! I am super excited to start teaching her! She is a native Spanish speaker too! Her name is C. and she is awesome! 

Also this week, we had the elders give one of our investigators a blessing. Her name is M. She has a really really really hard life! Like, it breaks my heart. So she received a blessing of comfort. After the blessing she just cried and cried and cried! Like for a good 30 minutes. She could feel the spirit SO strong and was so comforted by the words. The Elder giving the blessing said Heavenly Father loved her a lot, which really touched her heart. It was so beautiful to see the power of the Priesthood bless her life! We hope to set her with a baptismal date this week! 

This weekend was Stake Conference. It was FABULOUS!!! The Adult Session was one of the most amazing meetings I have EVER been to in my entire life. It was all about missionary work. Also, it was really fun because I got to see a lot of people from Broomfield 3rd ward there!!! Like the Engstroms, Kaisers, Van Wagenens, etc. SO fun!!! 

But back to this meeting! The first speaker was a member of the Stake Presidency and he asked the question... What have you done differently to help progress the hastening of the work? And then he talked about how we need to change things in our lives in order to help progress the work. He told a story about a man in Brazil, named Guy, but he was American. He joined the church when he was 81 years old. And he would walk to the temple at least twice a month, which was a good distance away! And then would be at home for the next 3 days trying to recover. He would also memorize the hymns because he wanted to be able to sing them in Heaven. Guy's last week at chruch he went up and shook every person's hand and then 2 days later, the man in my stake, who was giving the talk, got a phone call from Guy's wife (who was not a member) asking him to come over. He got there 2 minutes too late. Guy had passed away, with a Hymn book in his hand opened to "God Be With You Til We Meet Again". What a beautiful story! I totally cried! We need to make sure we are changing the things in our lives to bring us into harmony with our Father in Heaven. And then we have the ability to touch the lives of others. 

Another speaker that just got to me so much was this girl in the YSA ward. She is a convert of 9 months!!! She was FABULOUS!!!!!! The spirit was insanely strong as she spoke! She talked about her friend inviting her to take the lessons 4 years earlier - it took multiple invitations, but it worked. And how important it is to invite!!!! As we invite, we help the spirit to act in people's lives. Regardless of the outcome. I loved that! The success is truly in the invitation! This young sister's testimony was stronger than many active members I know. It was powerful! And then she announced that she has decided to serve a mission! It was beautiful! The entire Stake Conference was beautiful!! Also, the Sunday session was a broadcast from Salt Lake to Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Elder Craig C. Christensen spoke, Sister Esplin :) Elder Bednar and Elder Scott!!! It was wonderful and beautiful! Such a treat to be able to hear from all of them again so soon :) 

Well I love you all so much!!!!!! Thank you for everything! You are wonderful! 

Con Carino,

Hannah :)

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