Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go See MEET THE MORMONS! - September 29, 2014

Buenos dias mi familia :) 

We had a great week! Started off with a wonderful Zone Meeting! Elder Rhodes, who is an area 70 and member of my ward, came and spoke to us. It was fabulous!! He told this really amazing story about when he was a Stake President and his son came home from his mission in Brazil (his mission president was Brother Turner, Cory's dad). His son told him that his last week on his mission he and his companion were walking down the street when a picture of a house came into his head. He described the home to his companion and they went to go and find it. And they did! The lady that lived there said she had been waiting for them! His son doesn't know what ended up happening to the lady since he went home right after. But the cool part of the story was that as Elder Rhodes' son was describing this house, Elder Rhodes started to cry. He said that when he had set his son apart as a missionary 2 years before, during the blessing he saw that exact same house! Then Elder Rhodes explained that as a Stake President he had many many experiences similar to that when he would set missionaries apart. That during their blessings he could see specific people and homes, etc. that they were meant to find and teach!!! Wow!! Isn't that just simply amazing! The power of the priesthood is soooooooooo real! And what a testimony that we are EACH specifically called to our missions for specific people! Wow! I just loved that story!

After Zone Meeting we had the opportunity to go and watch Meet The Mormons at a church building with President Brown and some other missionaries. It was wonderful!! Mom and Max, I know you got to watch it and you had an amazing experience while you did! Lennon, I am pretty sure you will get to before it comes out in theaters. Dad, you should go and watch it! I just loved it! It was so real, funny, cute and amazing! Mom, I was totally crying too during the last ladies story!! Absolutely amazing! And how neat that you got to sit next to her! 

The church building we watched it at was right next to the temple! (which is like 2 blocks outside of our zone so I have not been able to see it being built) It looks awesome! The frame work is coming along! So exciting! :)

This week we still have not had much luck with E. or M... they both keep canceling on us... ugh! I am so sad that they have stopped progressing. It just breaks my heart! I love them so much! But on the plus side, we did get a new investigator this week!! His name is K. His wife is from Peru, she has the thickest, heaviest accent She is so sweet! She is a member, just suuuuuuuper inactive! So we are working on reactivating her and now teaching her husband who is not a member!!! Yay! So exciting :) And we also have a new pretty promising potential investigator, M. We have an appointment with her on Friday! So exciting :) 

We did a lot of service this week! We helped the Cornwall family set up for a moving sale. Bro. Cornwall is doing well enough now that they are finally able to move to Hawaii for his job as a professor at BYU-H :) I am so happy for them! They are such a wonderful family!!! 

We also went and helped another family that lives about 45 mins up the mountain. We hauled wood sticks into a giant pile down the mountain and chopped up wood and other stuff :) It was really fun! My arms are covered in scratches now... makes me look tough ;) Alan Lin, the Taiwanese man in my ward, went fishing with the Elders that morning and they cooked the fish for us for lunch. Head, eyeballs, teeth, skin, brains, bones, everything  still in them... they were pretty freaky looking! I didn't have my camera with me :( or I would have taken a picture! 

We had another meeting with President Foster about the Spanish work and branch that is coming! So exciting! But I am just sad because the chances of me staying here next transfer are not very high... :( and I want to be here for the Branch!!! And to continue teaching the people here! I really just want to finish my  mission in Fort Collins. I hope by some miracle I am able to! 

The Women's Broadcast was just fabulous!!! I loved loved loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk! Man, he is an amazing person! He is so captivating and handsome! haha! I loved when he talked about how much Heavenly Father loves each of us! I wanted to copy a part of his talk onto my letter but it hasn't been put online yet... :( I'll try next week! But I hope you all know how much our Father in Heaven loves EACH OF YOU INDIVIDUALLY!!!!!! We are all His children and He loves us more than we can imagine! 

Thank you family for all you do! Thanks Dad for your package :) I love you all so much!! Enjoy watching General Conference this week! I can't wait to hear about all your thoughts on it :) 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Mangum Sr. ;)

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