Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chopping Wood and Making Sushi - September 22, 2014


It was a great week! Just wonderful!! Much needed too :) 

So, I guess lets start with the fun stuff... :)

We made homemade sushi!! Oh me oh my was it good!!!!! I love sushi!! It was so fun and delish!


We also had an AWESOME dinner with the R family! Food was fantatstic! Como siempre :) It was so much fun!! We were laughing our heads off the whole time and then had an amazing lesson :) J. is a great guy - Hermana Stratford took a pic with him this week. I will send it! He attends church regularly now and you can see how the light of Christ has changed him and made him happier and a sweeter person :) He works as a chef in a couple different restaurants so he told us to go on Friday and he would hook us up with food :) We went and turns out he didn't have to work that day... :( So Y. came and ate with us and we had so much fun again! Oh man do I love that family!!!!!! 

We also got to go and help an inactive member of our ward chop down wood and stack it up for her winter supply! She lives way up in the mountains! It was super fun! A family in our ward came to help with their 2 young boys. The oldest son just turned 4 (like last week) and the entire time he worked and showed us all up. He was just in heaven! It made me realize even more the importance of teaching your kids at a young age what it means to work hard! He will be so blessed for it down the road! It is scary how much kids do not know how to work these days! Good thing there are still GREAT parents like the Larsens teaching their kids :) 

After we went over to Denae's house (Maude's cousin) and helped her make homemade applesauce! It was sooooooooooooooo fun!!!!! We had a blast! Denae played good music! #tendermercyofthelord and we had lots of fun talking. I love Denae and Brenden! They are awesome! They are having us over for dinner tonight too :) I am so excited!

So, we also had Zone Conference this week. It was great :) We talked a lot about Joseph Smith. When Elder Cook came he told us that the 2 things that people remember most about when the missionaries teach them are 1. the first vision and 2. the plan of salvation. So we talked a lot about the importance of making sure people have a testimony of Joseph Smith. It was great! :)

We decided to go and try to visit a less-active member that the Elders were visiting a few transfers ago, but when the new Elders came in, she didn't like them and said she didn't want missionaries to come and see her anymore. So we decided we would give it a try and she immediately fell in love with us! Yay! It was awesome and she said we can start coming to visit her! So we set up that we will be visiting her twice a week! Milagros I tell you! 

Another huge miracle this week was this...

We had been trying to visit this less-active family for over a week now. Every time we would go over they were never home! We tried different times during the day and still nada... BUT on Thursday we went over and the wife was home!!! She let us right in and we talked for a little and got to know her better. Her little baby is ADORABLE!!!! And then we decided right before we started the lesson to NOT teach what we had originally planned, but decided to talk about faith. As we were talking with her, she started to cry. She said,

"Wow, I can't believe how perfect that was! I have been struggling a lot with having faith lately and I haven't prayed for 2 weeks, but this morning I prayed for the first time and then you 2 came over and talked about faith. I know Heavenly Father sent you and is aware of me." 

It was soooooooooooo cool!!!! Oh my goodness!! Talk about everything being totally perfect and orchestrated by the Lord! So cool! And then she came to church yesterday! As well as 6 other less actives! I have grown to love the work of “reactivating” so much - I feel it is what the Savior would do. So amazing! And such a wonderful feeling! Max, it is like you said to me, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!! The Gospel blesses families! It blesses lives!!! I love being able to see that light in people when they make commitments and exercise faith!!! Alma 32:27. All we need is a desire to believe and Heavenly Father will make that desire work in us! I know that is true!!!! 

I love you all! thank you for your great examples and support and love! Max I am so proud of you and for you being a good worthy young man! Way to be ordained a priest:)


Hannah :)

Also pic of stained glass we made with Christine!

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