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Soup of the Seven Seas - January 27, 2014

Hello there my lovely family - yes you!!!

I am going to write this week out in “days”. I think it will help me organize my thoughts!!!!

Tuesday: We had dinner at a home where they served us the craziest meal I have had to date! It was called Soup of the Seven Seas (Caldos de Siete Mares) ... it was INDESCRIBABLE! The smell alone made me want to loose my cookies! It had all kinds of freaky sea creatures in it! Shrimp with their eyeballs still on them, octopus... and things i could not even recognize! I was blessed with the “gift of stomach” that night! I didn't finish, but I ate as much as I could so the family wouldn't be offended. I appreciated all of their effort and kindness to us. We had a meeting with our branch president right after. Hna. Martinez really had to throw up! But she didn't want him to know. Ha! So she goes back to his bathroom, and starts vomiting while Hna Wilson and I start rocking back on his couch! haha! his couch makes LOUD noises every time you move. So we just started moving around a laughing so he wouldn't hear her in the bathroom! hahahaha!!! We leave and she throws up again right outside his house! On way home she asked me to pull over and she lost it again on the side of the road! Oh boy - that Soup of the Seven Seas....
Wednesday: We had an amazing district meeting in the morning! So great! Then we had a delish lunch with some members (whooo hoooo!!!) and appointments with Jonathan and Maria :) Hna. Martinez still felt sick. She passed out in the car! Got home and was throwing up every other second and passing out even more!  Things were really bad the rest of the night!!! What a day....

Thursday: Hna. Soto was sick too! So we had 2 sickies! All day! Soto couldn't move because of her stomach, and Martinez was throwing up and passing out! It was scary!!! So I just took care of them all day!

Friday: Hermanas were still sick! Hna. Wilson and I went out a little to work. Which felt really nice! And Maria wanted us to come over and dye her hair, so we did :) I am becoming a professional :) Then Soto was feeling better, so she and I went and made homemade tortillas with Hermana Mama Martinez :) Haha! It was a lot of fun :) And I gave her your present Mom :) She loved it!

We came home and Hna. Martinez was really bad!!! Throwing up and passing out a ton still! And major memory loss!! She couldn't remember anything! It was freaking me out! We called Sister Brown and the mission nurse and they told us to put her on the BRAT diet. Hna. Soto and I were supposed to go on exchanges that night, but it didn't end up happening. So, Sis. Hoer and Jarvis just spent the night at our apartment and stayed with us on Saturday.

Saturday: Martinez was really bad! Couldn't even remember the sisters were at the apartment. Couldn't remember anything that had been happening during the week. Things started getting a little better with her during the afternoon though, so Jarvis and Hoer took me out! I needed out of the apartment and to work! So we went and visited Richard!!!!!! And Naomi was there!! It was such a blessing to see them!!!!! I love that family so so so so much! They will forever be apart of my life! They were so happy to see me too :) Richard is doing so great!! We watched the Restoration video with him and he loved it! And the cutest thing was, Naomi and her husband went and bought him new clothes for church :) He was so happy! He went and tried them on so he could show us!! :) I almost started crying! It made me so happy :)

After, we went and visited John and Becky :) I love them so much too!! It was so much fun to spend time with them! I miss the people I used to teach in Glenmere! So it felt wonderful to forget about everything that has been going on all week and to see the people I have grown to love so much!!

We had the adult session of stake conference that night too. It was great! I loved it :) Then we had the elders come over and give hna. Martinez a blessing. It was incredible! Everyone was at our apartment and it was so powerful! I have always felt this way, but it literally shot through me again strongly that night, that I will NOT settle for anyone who does not have the priesthood or who is not a worthy priesthood holder! The priesthood is AMAZING and blesses lives! I need the power in my home at all times! To see these worthy young men give such amazing and powerful blessings was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had! The priesthood is simply beautiful, and incredible.

Sunday: For starters... SAM AND RICHARD CAME TO CHURCH FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I almost started crying when I saw them!!!!! Milagros l tell you!! So, stake conference begins and I am sitting next to Hna. Martinez. She would not stay home. And I just had my arm around her and she was just kinda sleeping on my shoulder. Then she had to throw up. Hna. Wilson took her to the bathroom and she passed out. She was so delirious! It was TERRIFYING!!! Members from the branch and the other wards came out to help! She was completely out of it! No strength, nothing! It was SCARY!! One member was an EMT so he came out and helped. We have to get permission from Pres. Brown to take someone to the hospital and he was sitting on the stand at stake conference at a different building than us.So he couldn't answer his phone. We called the mission nurse and she told us she can't give us permission and the EMT guy was like, she NEEDS to go the hospital! So we took her! I was speeding going like 70in a 35 following him! We got there and they rushed her back and immediately hooked her up to an IV and ran tests and gave her a CT scan. Pres and Sis Brown came and she slowly started coming back to conscientiousness. Thank goodness!! It was so scary!! Turns out she was dehydrated. The nurse said it was the worst case of dehydration she has ever seen!.It all started out with the 7 things of the sea soup and her not being able to keep things down, the dry weather made it even worse, and she got SO dehydrated. I know this sounds crazy, but I really thought she was going to die.

She started feeling a little better last night after everything. She has been able to talk and heal a little. She was really freaked out by everything. She told me a lot about her life. She has been through more than anyone I know. Wow! Amazing story.  She is such and strong person. Also, Sister Soto also found out her friend is in a coma and dying right now... So it has been an emotionally exhausting week. I pray this week goes better! I am nervous! and So incredibly grateful it is the last week of the transfer!!!!

Please don't mail anything to the apartment address this week. Send it to the mission office. I will be moving out of the apartment next tuesday  regardless if I am staying in the branch or not.

Ok, well i think that is it for this week!! I just have one request: Do not ever make me Soup of the Seven Seas! Ever. Ever. Ever :) I LOVE YOU ALL!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK :) XOXOXOXO

-Hannah :)

My pics - snow, a chihuahua puppy, rescued by Jarvis and Hoer, someday I will have to explain the little dinosaur we keep leaving for each other in silly places, Richard and Naomi!!!

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